Need ideas for lime green foliage

mycalicogirls(4b-5a Nebraska)June 20, 2008

I'm wanting some ideas for lime green or chartreuse foliaged perennial plants for zone 4 or colder. What are your favorites? Molly

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Hostas, Sum & Substance, Jimmy Crack Corn,Chartreuse Wiggles (dwarf). There's a gold form of Centaurea Montana (mountain bluet) sorry can't think of the variety name right now. Tiger's Eye sumac (shrub) I'm sure there are others I'm not thinking of right now.

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There's also Philadelphus (mock orange), or Physocarpus (Ninebark) "Dart's Gold", or Alpine Currant if you're looking for other lime colored shrubs. For annuals, Cosmos and Bells of Ireland (Moluccela Laevis) lean to lime. Ostrich Ferns for perennials - many consider those a scourge, but they serve me well.

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firethorn(Zone 4 MN)

There are neat varieties of Spiderwort and Bachelor's button that come in a bright chartreuse color- sorry, I don't know off-hand what they are called exactly. There are also several varieties of Heuchera (Coral Bells) with the bright green you're looking for.

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mycalicogirls(4b-5a Nebraska)

Thanks for your good input! Molly

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I have an agastache called Golden Jublilee with nice lime foliage, I guess it is Zone 5 but it is on its third year and is doing well for me. Helen.

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sjmarq(z4 MN)

There are some heuchera like Lime Ricky and Citronelle.

And the Japanese Forest Grass Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold' tends to look less gold and more lime in some lighting and locations.

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Sue Brunette

I have Campanula garganica 'Dickson's Gold'.Picture below. It is just starting to bloom. It looks fantastic against the blue purple flowers of Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip' and my Heuchera 'Purple Palace'. The pics aren't the greatest as I just took them and the sun is only on part of the plant but you get the idea. I will also include a pic of the regular green leaved Campanula I have for comparison. I just planted the Campanula last summer. I also have Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' which is Golden Moneywort or Creeping Jenny. It is just a little more limey than the Campanula 'Dickson's Gold'. I also have Hosta'Lemon Lime' and Hosta 'Midas Touch' which are more lime than gold or chartreuse.

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There is a variety of Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny) called Aureo that is LOVELY for a shade-loving ground cover! And, there's also a Lamium with lime green too!

Oh, and a Bleeding Heart called "Gold Heart" is a MUST HAVE!

My fav: Hosta Maui Buttercups!

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There's also Lady's Mantle. I think it's the cutest plant! I also saw a new sedum that is chartreuse, can't recall the name, but would like to get some to try.

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

Hosta "guacamole" is awesome. Paired with one of the dark burgundy sedum. Makes a good looking combo. Around the taller plants, a creeping jenny with almost yellow leaves and palace purple heuchera. Like primgal, I like Lady's Mantle too. All these plants are so hardy and not dependant on fleeting flowers. Instead rely on the lovely foliage. Pondy

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mycalicogirls(4b-5a Nebraska)

All great inputs! Is the lysimachia hardy here and what are its water needs? I seem to have landed in a very sandy neighborhood, after gardening in loamy clay for 10 years I'm trying to adjust! Lady's mantle was one of the first I bought for the new shade garden. I'm in love with it. I even planted a rose "Seafoam" just to make bouquets with lady's mantle flowers. Awsome. Molly in Stewartville

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I have a Lime Sorbet Columbine that is hardy and very cute. It doesn't bloom very long and the green fades to a white, but it's very nice I think, very sweet. Also, this link might have some ideas for you. I love the lime green's myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: some more greens

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mycalicogirls(4b-5a Nebraska)

I've planted the agastache 'Goldee Jublee' too, and am planning to mulch it heavily. I love it. Where can I buy the 'Dickson's Gold' campanula? Molly

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Sue Brunette

I just picked up my Dicksons Gold campanula at my local small town nursery last year. I only bought one to give it a try. It doesn't spread/grow too fast(so far, for me) but I just love that it is so different. Right now it is loaded with pale purple flowers. I think I will probably pick up a few more of this variety when I decide where I want to put them. I tend to buy first, then try to figure out where to put things. Not the best way to go about things!

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crrand(z4 MN)

I like Lamium 'Anne Greenaway'. It is a low ground cover with varigated chartreuse leaves and really brightens up my semi-shady bed. So far, it seems to thrive in my Z4 Rochester garden but barely hangs on in my Z4- sandy northern Wisconsin garden.


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An outstanding perenial that I planted last year is Isla Gold Tansy. It has a fern like foliage, stands 20-24", likes full sun. It is vibrant in the garden, spring-fall.
Another is Sunshine Blue Caryopteris, lime leaves with blue/purple flowers, great combination.
Another is Limelite Hydrangea with its lime flowers that fade in fall to pink/rust - great transition. Mine is growing in the shade.

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I'm a huge fan of gold mound spirea

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