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Ive out grown multiple fridges need any and all ideas on walk in coolers, pre cooling , also re-modeling my barn into a clean , prep and packaging building any ideas on lay out ,and design , do I need hot water, and how about setting it up so as to run smoothly. I grow for contract for a outfit out of Indianapolis and I would like to earn the extra money for having market ready produce, I sell fresh from the field right now for a discounted price, I can earn 10-15% more for market ready. I grow 8 acres so there is a lot of fruits and veggies

thanks josh

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Josh, are you near Vincennes? If so, there is a cooler place there. You might be able to buy a used unit. Wish you were closer to me.

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Im about 40 min North of Vincennes, weres that place? I live in Greene county north east of Bloomfield

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Keep in mind it's been a few years since I was there. Follow 41 into Vin to the exit that WMart is on, go away from WM, across the tracks and behind a fruit stand/store on your left, I seen some used units. I don't know their name, but I would check it out.

I just looked at your location, if you have extras you might try the Rockville Produce Auction outside of Marshall, in Parke Co. I know they will sell boxes and supplies to you. That is where I buy/sell some stuff. They are closed til April, but it is a nice drive and people are friendly. If you get there, I'm #59. Most of the Amish know me, just ask.

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We have a 4X6 walk-in feeezer that we converted to a cold locker with an external thermostat in the main elec supply line. It was given to us by Subway when they built a new store in our town. We are a church affiliated, donation-based market garden project. We operate a vegetable stand three days a week. Our produce is free, but we have a donation can for those that can afford to contibute. Our clientele is mostly poor people but we also have a number of upscale ladies who contribute generously. Any funds over expenses is used for mission work.

We used to pick early in the morning on market days. The cold locker makes it possible to pick the day before. We couldn't get along without. It's not big enough, though.
We pack in laundry baskets and shelving doesn't work too well. We garden five acres. With 14 acres, you'll need much larger unit!


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I'm believing that just like greenhouses, coolers will never be big enough. You feel that you need to fill them.

Jack, you are lucky. Our local food bank has freezers, but no refrigerators. They are in an old building and are afraid of overloading the wiring, plus not many frigs donated.

I know one person, he also runs a floral shop, uses one of his floral coolers for veggies.

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Thanks Ill check it out , nice thoughts on freezer, coulda had one a while back but did not think it could be converted, Ill kick myself for that.
Ill look into the Rockville Auc. Always have extras that don fit anywhere, and Ill look for #59

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See you April or after, I'm usually there on Fridays, along with several other people.

I had a neighbor that super=insulated a part of her garage and but a A/C unit in part of a wall. She processed deers so she needed to keep it very cold in the cooler months. So it should work for a cooler. She has since moved. I know she did go thru a few AC units.

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