Angel's Trumpet/Moon Flower

Bridge203618(z5 OH)April 30, 2003

I swear I posted this yesterday, so if I did please forgive me! I just can't find my message. My mom likes these and has white ones. She wants other colors and especially purple. Where can I find them? Do they come just from seeds or can I buy plants. Do you have any suggestions of pretty ones?



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luxum(9/10 Tampa FL)

I think you are referring to Datura, (Angel's Trumpet) which is commonly available by seed and also small plants. Just search the web for Datura and you should come up with a ton of sources. There are also what used to be called "Tree Daturas" which were separated into their own genus, Brugmansia, but these have a shrub or tree form and don't come in purple, while Datura does come in purple and is a much smaller plant, an annual i think. However if you are referring to moonflower that is different, there are a ton of threads about moonflowers on the front page of this forum that list sources for that.

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