Too cold for moonflower seedling?

arrick(Z5b LaGrange IL)April 13, 2005

I have some 4-week old seedling moonflowers that I'm beginning to harden off outside in 3" peat pots. The tallest ones already have vines on the order of 8 inches long. I was at the point where they had been outside day and night now for over a week, but last night the temp dipped to 40F and it didn't get above 55 during the day for a couple days and I'm now seeing the very tip of the vine (3/4 inch or so) is very dark, appears shriveled, and two of the lowermost true leaves have dried up and turned a dark color. I figured this may have been indicative of cold damage (I know they like warm soil, and I may have been pushing them a little too hard by letting them stay out in 40 degree weather) but I wanted to make sure it didn't sound like anything else was wrong. I took them in immediately and put them back under lights at 65F. Will they recover? Should I pinch back below the damaged part of the vine? Moonflower var. is great white or something like that (can't remember exactly). Ipomea type I believe. Thanks!

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It's still a bit too cold to plant them out by you. Heck, it's still a bit too cold to plant them out by me!!! Still had a good frost here last night - & I'm a bit warmer than you zone-wise.

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