Spooky Garden Ideas?

pumpkinvinecreek(9 - CA)April 25, 2005

This isn't technically about moon gardens, but it's the closest forum I could find. I want to create a "spooky garden", with plants that have Halloween related names. My ideas so far are Bat Face (Cuphea) and a hosta named "Ghost". Any other creative ideas out there?

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what a great idea! I have mini jack pumpkins growing on a trellis this year, it would be fun to put some other fall/ halloween plants near it. All I could think up so far was fall mums. But I lik ethe idea of the "bat face" and "Ghost" names plants. It would be fun also to make little name stakes for them in the shape of ghostes and bats, etc... I once had a super dark purple little pansies named "black cat" I wish I could find them again! :)

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krbeckett(WV Zone 6)

You could use the , Foxglove, which is also known as Witch's Thimbles or Witch's Bells or Deadman's Bells ...Devil's Claw, Devil's walking stick, Bat Plant (I REALLY WANT ONE OF THESES!!) LOL ..Witch Hazel ..

Just some ideas .. I'm too sleep to continue! haha

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chuckr30(z5, GR-MI)

How about other black, white or orange flowered plants? Like moonflower or white morning flory, black iris, black or orange daylily (but it closes at night), etc.

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Aeolian_MI(z5b MI)

how about Bleeding Heart or the iris Superstition

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sinner_gurl(LA z9& HUMID!)

Black hollyhocks, pretty-poison purple and white datura, red bloody butcher corn (the stalks would be interesting), black eyed susan vine (the orange one), marigolds, black magic elephant ears, chocolate cosmos, black cala lily (black forest or naomi campbell), australia canna (dark purple leaves), love lies bleeding (red amaranthus), purple millet (purple majesty), dutchman's pipe vine looks a little eerie..

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You guys are incredible.... such imagination! BRAVO!!!!

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Nancy zone 6

There are lots of iris & daylilies with spooky names: Iris-Devils' Riot, Ghost Train, Halloween Halo, Dracula's Shadow, Spirit world, Witch of Eden, Ominous Stranger & several others. Several daylilies but I can't think of any except Bela Lugosi that I have been wanting, & another that is Dracula something & one I think is called Witching Hour. There is a lily called Yelloween that is nice. I have been thinking of doing the same thing, I actually had thought a haunted shade garden, but a lot of the plants I have come up with are for sun :)

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okiechick34(z7 OKC)

Check out this website. She has tons of great ideas! I got it from someone else somewhere else on this site. Can't remember who but if if was you, thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Something Wicked This Way Grows

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I've seen in magazines that you can "scar" pumpkins when they are young. By using a dull pecil and creating an image or initials(whatever) Break the skin while you do it and as the pumpkin matures it will heal itself. The design will look scard, scared...scary!

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country_in_the_city(9/15 CA)

I love bloody dock.

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painterbug(z8 Hell)

Nothing says halloween like pumpkins. Here in SC for Halloween harvest it is suggested that June planting is best. The seed pack should tell you the number of days required.

Oranges, yellows and reds. Pumpkins marigolds sunflowers (there is a periennal form I think it is called a 'swamp sunflower, not as big of a head but very showey during fall). Perhaps a Japanese Maple for red foliage. Maybe a scarecrow and a bail of hay?
If you really wanted to go over the top, you could mound some earth and plant it with daiseys. Perhaps a headstone that reads 'R.I.P. Daisy'

Lots of herbs are accociated with witchcraft. Foxgloves are aka witches thimbles.

I may not have been much help, but I am looking forward to halloween.

Good luck to you.

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pumpkinvinecreek(9 - CA)

Thank you all for your great ideas!

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nettles17(z7 NC)

I just bought some japanese blood grass...very pretty red tipped ornamental grass that gets about three feet tall and spreads.

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guepster(z8 FL)

Wooooooooo...I love the theme! The first plant I thought of is the "bat plant" Tacca intergrifolia, very unusual!
Check out the book "The Evening Garden". There is a chapter, "Plants that Look like they should Bloom at Night", including "Devil's Tongue", "Dracula Orchids", "Dragon Lily", "Voodoo Lily", "Jack O' Lantern Mushroom", I'm sure that the possiblities are endless...

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Sarah621(Cali z9)

Okay love the idea! Did you know that "Eye of neewt" and all that jaz was a witches code for plants? I have seen a full translated list somwere on the web. Dont know were but if you like you should look into wiccan and pagan gardening pages. There you can find what plants are used in spells. Go to ...
http://www.wicca.com/celtic/herbal/magickal0.htm to find out more on that. Alsow found some Folk names that may work. they are listed w/ the common and Laten names as well. Hope you like!

Folk names Common name Laten name
devil's flower bachelor's buttons Centaurea cyanus
devil's eye periwinkle Vinca minor
devil's nettel yarrow Achillea millefolium
flesh & blood tormentil Potentilla erecta
devil's guts dodder Cuscuta glomurata
devil's milk celeandine Chelidonium majus

Give me some time and I should find that List! =)

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One Halloween I used floral paint to paint spooky eyes on my elephant ear's leaves. The shape of the leaves make a great face that bob & sway about in the breeze. Since the first frost is never far away, the faces don't hang around long.

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Sarah621(Cali z9)

Oh, and bleeding hears would be a good idea. I have a whole book over here w/ names of plants w/ spooky name if your intrested email me and Ill send a list over.

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gypsy37(6b PA USA)

Here's a link to check out: "Halloween Spirit - The Dark as Night Garden". There are lots of great plant ideas.


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Just to get this going again in time for Halloween!!

There's some great roses with names like "Hocus Pocus." Go over to the Rose Forums and I'm sure you'll get LOTS of ideas! That's the fastest moving forum I've found on Gardenweb!


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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

Carnivorus plants... Would you want it around holloween time? I would figure, but sence most of them go dormant around this time of year. Theirs Black Parrot Tulip, like some one stated earlyer their are tons of bulb's that get cool names and are darker in color... But a Venus Flytrap brings horror to mind
a sundew, and a Pitcher plants? evil looking!!! theirs a fourm on hear if you havent noticed...
Pitcher plant
Venus flyraps
Cobra plant
(those are the ones you can mostly grow outdoors that i have growing outdoors, cept the cobra plant i only have seeds of them starting them soon)

If you want more pictures go on to google or the CP fourm to see some good pictures of other CP's

Hope you find what you are looking for

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garden_witch(z6a MI)

How about...
Gaillardia 'Goblin'
Eryngium 'Miss Whilmots ghost'
Tulip 'Night Queen'
Pansy 'Black Prince'
Black broom corn
Love lies bleeding
Geranium 'Solstice chocolate'

On black/orange combinations, I have planted a plastic cauldron with torenia 'clown violet' and impatiens 'super elfin bright orange' for the last couple years, its adorable, and in full bloom throughout October. I also have some post planted with sweet potato vine 'blackie'' orange impatiens, and deep violet pansies. They take a lot of wattering to stay full and happy, but its worth it!


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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

Cooks is a good website to



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Pinus densiflora ÂGolden GhostÂÂ

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

This thread is awesome. I was looking for something like this a while back. I posted a Theme Garden request in the suggestions and comments forum so we can have a forum for discussing things like this. If you'd be interested in it take a moment to vote in that thread.

Just follow the link and post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Theme Garden Request Post

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paradisi(Sunshine Coast)

why not try Oroxylum indicum also known as the midnight horror tree

I got some on ebay from seedrack.com

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I did not see Ghost fern mentioned, could have missed it but I have a fern called that.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Bumping this up because it is a cool thread!

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Brad Edwards

Harry lauders walking stick would look awesome.

I also think depending on location a live oak with spanish moss just goes spooky. Water features that have a dark bottom to me are scary. Garden statues can be really spooky, especially things like angels bc they are not "trying to be spooky". "think Interview with the vampire/old cemetery".

I think blackie sweet potato vine with pumpkin looks awesome.

Corn is really spooky growing, on a smaller scale ornamental millet can be used the same.

Black mondo grass can look pretty spooky.

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a growth on one of our trees what is it

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