Tiny Moonflower plants blooming

PixelGumMay 29, 2012

Hi, everyone! New member to the forum!

I had a quick question about my moonflowers. I planted several from seed in March in a container and they all sprouted and have been growing fine, slowly, but they're growing. They got whacked down by hail storms twice and managed to survive with barely any damage AND one of the plants even bloomed already. The plant wasn't even a foot tall yet and it already managed to put out a massive bloom. I was shocked to see the size of it!

Anyway, some of the plants are still under a foot tall the tallest is about 5ft, but they have buds peeking out at every node. I decided to pinch some off to let the plant focus on growth. At least, that's what I thought it would do, but it just put out more buds. @_@

Do you all think I should just let the plants bloom even if they're this tiny or should I continue pinching off the buds?? I feel terrible about pinching the buds off, but they're so low to the ground I have to get down on my knees to enjoy the flowers.

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Sorry, forgot to mention these are the vining type and not the bush kind.

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