Transplanting Moon Flowers

david_oklahomaMay 6, 2006

I spent last evening transplanting Moon Flowers, putting them into particular spots, and getting them out of others. I must have over 100 plants coming in so far. I also planted my Yellows, Purples, and LaFluer seeds. Has anyone else planted these this year? I have heard these are slower growers than the whites. Just wanted to know.


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Do you find it hard not to damage/break the tender roots? Nowadays, I use the lazy method "scratch and grow" with seeds
and let them make their adjustments for their space. Hope to hear that they settle nicely into their new homes.

Growing up, my dad used to tell us if we transplant moon flowers during the month of May an angel will visit with you in
a dream!

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All the transplanted Moonflowers are doing well and growing as anticipated. I have transplanted before and found it is very hard to hurt one of these tough little plants. Seems they don't know they were even moved.


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David, do you think during July would be a bad time to move full grown, almost blossomed moon flowers?

I'm moving and I want to take them with me, do you think it would harm them if I did move them now?

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