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loves_roses(z8a GA)May 26, 2003

MOON MAGIC by Lori Reid

I'm not saying this is true or not, but I thought y'all would be interested.

Quick Tips

ANNUALS: Begin planting the day aqfter the New Moon and up to the day before the 1st Quarter, when the Moon is in a fertile or semi-fertile sign. This will help plants to make short, shallow-lying roots and to establish themselves speedily.

BIANNUALS AND PERENNIALS: Begin planting the day after FullMoon and end on the day before the Last Quarter, when the moon is in a fertile or semi-fertile sign. This will help plants to establish themselves slowly and to develop long, strong roots.

WEEDING: Weeding and hoeing are best done between the Last Quarter and the New Moon, when the moon is in a barren sign. Avoid times when the moon is in a fruitful sign -- your weeding efforts won't last for very long.

SOIL CULTIVATION: Digging, plowing, or tilling the soil should be carried out with the decreasing moon and when the moon is in a barren sign, or the weeds will spring up again alltoo quickly.

TRANSPLANTING: Always transplant when the moon is increasing, between the New and Full Moons, and during a fertile moon sign.

GRAFTING: Grafts take best when the sap is rising and therefore when the Moon is waxing.

Want to hear more? Does anyone get in to all this? I have more to share if y'all are interested.

I don't know how much stock I put in it all, but it's cool to read about.

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I like this kind of stuff, 'tho I don't always follow the rythms. I'd like to hear more garden lore. What is your source? Do you have reference books that you could point me to or do you just kinka know it/grew up with it? Is the first line in yer post MOON MAJIC by Lori Reid a book or is it you? sorry I'm dense sometimes.

I know there is a relationship btx the moon and the earth and us kritters that abode here upon. Through emperical evidence we (some friends and I) have experimented and found it to be so...

Anyway, looking forward to further tid-bits.

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STROBE(zn 7b)

im interested. please post more moon lore! i love this kind of stuff.


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When is it best to take cuttings?

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I am interested as well...

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This is commonly called 'planting by the moon', or 'gardening by the moon' or 'garden astronomy'. It is probably as old as gardening itself.

The Old Farmer's Almanac has interesting info on it:

Here is a link that might be useful: The Old Farmer's Almanac

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