What Varieties of Nut Trees

jplaylandJune 10, 2012

I'm looking to plant a few nut trees. I'm looking mostly for squirrel and deer food, but I would also like some for myself.

Thinks I'm considering so far:

Hybrid Hazelnuts

Butternut and Butternut hybrids

Black Walnut

Can anyone help with specific hybrids/cultivars or any other suggestions?


1. Production - For the animals

2. Human Consumption (taste/texture/size)

3. Looks

4. Neighbor plant friendly (Black Walnuts don't do well here) and non-invasive

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nick_b79(4/5 Southeast MN)

Hybrid chestnuts are hard to beat for wildlife plantings. I know of two nurseries, Badgersett and True Nature, that are both in MN and sell hybrid chestnuts.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I wouldn't plant butternuts, since they are susceptible to that canker disease that has already decimated most of our midwest wild butternuts.

Hybrids might do well, though.

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