Something is eating my moonflowers... help

Murphette(7)May 14, 2004

My moonflowers are doing wonderful, but just last night, I noticed that something was eathing the bottom leaves. Can't seem to find what it is that is eating them. My moonflowers are planted in a container, which sits on the side of my shed. They are in a very sunny area and seem to be quite happy there. Any suggestions on what I can put on my moonflowers to prevent them from being eaten up? It looks like they are eating holes through the leaves and on the edges of them.

Thanks for any tips and advice you can offer me.

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They are pretty pest free I thought until last year there were luna moth caterpillers I found munching the leaves off....

The only other pests I have had on them were slugs when they have been seedlings.

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Try some seven dust if you want to use a chemical. Otherwise I would go out with a flashlight tonight and see what you can't find out there that is so interested =)

If it's HOLES in the leafs .... then it sounds like a caterpiller .. I would think ...

Are they still seedlings? If so -- I would suspect slugs.. and if that is the case you need to get some Sluggo or put a beer trap out. You can learn more about those on the organic gardening forum.

Good luck -- it's always a shame when the bugs start to eat the pretty plants IMHO =) Wish they liked the weeds as much!!

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Something is eating mine too. I suspect Japanese beetles. The moonflowers are in whiskey barrels up on a deck growing up a trellis, so i don't suspect slugs. Have never seen a slug on my deck!

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I had huge bug issues this year. Then, in come the praying mantises! I have four little darlings munching the bad bugs and probably many more out there. The damage to the garden has nearly stopped. Perhaps some mantises for you?

They are so cute and what attitudes! They swivel their crazy heads, check me out, and go on the prowl. I love them. I used to be scared of them as a child. Now I would have them in for dinner and drinks!

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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

I just saw the same thing, Japanese beetles, munching on my container of moon flowers and morning glories! Got out the neem and sprayed them last evening. I hate those beetles!

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juanital(5b/6a OH)

I also have had someting eating MF & MG. Someone suggested the neem...Where can I find this product at?

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

I have something eating the leaves of mine too, but for some reason I don't think it is an insect. I think it is a critter...all the leaves on one side of the vine are completely well as some of my echinacea leaves and baptisia leaves as well..they just don't quit. I haven't sprayed any deterents in a while with all the rain, maybe I should start again, even if it is going to rain.

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go out at night and look at the base of your plant..of all things I had a green tomatoe worm munching!!! They are in the night shade family and those worms love this type plant. You might find it helpful to put a wrap of tin foil around the base of your plant. That will keep the cutworms away and help with those dratted slugs!!! If it is JBs they usually leave a lace type bite or injury to the plant. I hate em!!! Thank goodness it is time for them to go away. I have enought grub killer here to cover the yard and am just waiting...waiting..waiting!!

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YooperDebbie(z4/gwinn mi)

help! my first crop of moon flowers and i've got some copper colored bugs munching least that's all i see on the leaves is those bugs...what do i use and where do i get it?


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Debbie, those could be japanese beetles. if a hornworm or any other caterpillar was the problem, yu would find well-stripped or at least mostly eaten leaves. The tiny cats or baby hornworms won't eat all of the veins. Jap beetles will eat lots of shot holes in your plants. So will Colorado potato beetles, another nightshade-specific insect.

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My moonflowers are look like they are finally starting to bloom. There have been buds on them for several weeks but only today have i actually seen the spiralling beginning of a bloom.

The problem is there has been something eating them since i planted them. I never saw what it was and had almost given up on the plant even growing but it finally got off the ground and started climbing up a pole on my porch. Today, though, I got in there and looked really close at the buds and some of the leaves and there are tiny little larvae (At least, i THINK that's what it is) clinging to leaves and mostly buds. I saw an adult one, too. It was really pale green and shaped like a teardrop and had spidery legs. The larvae actually look a little bit like lice. These are TINY little critters but they are sure doing a lot of damage out there. Can anyone guess what they might be and what i can treat them with? I have a dog so I have to be careful of poisons.

This is my first ever garden. I've enjoyed it so much accept for these moonflowers and their "parasites". I really hope a solution to my problem is out there. Any help ya'll can give would be greatly appreciated.

If it makes a difference I live in Denver. I looked up that Colorado Potato Beetle and its DEFINITELY not that!

Thanks in advance!


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I have had moon flowers growing in my padducts for years and they keep reseeding themselves. Recently I discovered hornworms on my tomato plants. I was very unhappy that they had eatten my tomato plant, but am delighted that the like moonflowers. Maybe I can get them to eat them instead.

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mystyrain, those are aphids. Lady beetle ("ladybug") larvae love them! If you have only one or a few plants being attacked, you can try knocking them off with a strong stream of water. But buying and releasing lady beetles should help with control in the future.

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I have had tortoise beetles munching my morning glories, I suppose they would go after moon flowers also. They are beautiful little bugs, bright gold drops that fall to the ground and turn dull red if you disturb them, so you can't find them.

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