Evergreen recs in zone 7? Arizona cypress? Blue spruce?

lkochOctober 7, 2013

I have a space in my front yard that gets full to partial sun and I'm looking for an evergreen (preferably under 25ft or slow growth rate) that will do well.

I love look of something blue like a fat albert blue spruce or a blue ice Arizona cypress but don't have experience with either ( will either do well in northern Virginia?). Anyone have experience with either of these? Or love something else? I was also considering a holly of some kind but don't know which ones to look into.

The hardier and easier the better. Thanks!

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I grow both species you mention, but have lots of room. The Blue Spruce come in lots of sizes, and some are slow growing and top out at smaller than the normal size. They make a dense tree, while the AZ Cypress are more lacy. Which suits the space you have? A dense tree with nothing growing where the branches are or something with the trunk visible? Please don't limb up the spruce, this destroys the symmetry of the tree and makes for a bleeding trunk.

The Blue Spruce is more disease prone in NoVA (bag worms, mites), but this should not be a determining factor.

So far as Holly, there are 100's of cultivars that would fit. Do you want something 25ft., or would several small ones that grow low do? How about something tall and thin? Both styles grow well.

Something to remember, although they are evergreen, needles live 2-3 years and Ilex leaves are shed every spring.

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Have found the Arizona Cypress beautiful but fast growing. A tough tree, enduring abusive weather, but mine bent double beneath heavy snow and I had to tie it to other trees to hold it upright after the snow melted. The Blue Spruce seems built to deal with weighty wet snow. I grow the dwarf form, Thume, which is not to be considered a specimen or focal point tree, usually. I did not have room for a normal sized one, with the Cypress my earlier choice.

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