Direct Sowing Lantana

cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)October 2, 2005

Hi all!

I absolutely love Lantana. Last year I collected the seeds, but couldn't get anything to sprout and live.

Has anyone had any luck just sticking them in the ground?

How 'bout the cold? Should I pick them, bring them in and put them out in the spring, or just let them fall where they will?

What's your experience?



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I take cuttings and bring them in for the winter.

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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

Sounds good, Alfie, but I've got to talk seeds...

No one is expected to remember this, but I can't take plants inside. My cats eat anything organic (straw flowers, dried things, cut flowers, you name it) and immediately hairball. They even give silk flowers a go, just in case.

So nothing comes inside except a scaggy cactus that has fang marks on all its sections. If I could bring lantana inside, I've have a forest of coleus, sages, amarillis, and tons of flowers!

Anyone got any ideas about the seeds?

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Lantana makes a nice hanging plant :-).

(I also have a mouse cage that I bought once at a Goodwill that I can use for small plants. Unless your cats are smarter than mine (probably) and can figure out how to open the latch?)

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Christine, Lantana seeds lose viability quickly so your seed need to be very fresh. Start them (indoors of course, since they're tropical) soon after collecting. Depending on type of Lantana, they may need heat to germ, and can take a few months. Cuttings are much easier way to propogate. Can you put your light table in basement or area where cats can't get to the cuttings. Don't they eat your seedlings too?

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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

Oh, shoot.
I don't have a basement. Or a light table for that matter.
I winter sow, which worked beautifully one year and didn't this last.
So Hmmm..
I don't have a bird cage (good idea!) and yes, my little stinkers can get OUT of the cages, so I'm fairly certain they can get in. Their trick is to do this without opening the door, so I haven't figured it out yet.

I guess I'll just be winging it and hoping for the best?
Thanks anyway, ladies.

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