Do cleome seeds need chilling?

Larry K(7a)October 2, 2005

I passed by some short (3 ft) cleome today and grabbed some seeds. No idea if this variety is one of the short ones or is simply stunted from the location. Anyway, I was going to try growing it next year. Do I scatter the seeds now, wait for next spring, or does it matter? Since I didn't get a ton of seeds I'd rather wait if I can to maximize the probability of losing seeds to runoff, birds, etc.


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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

No, you could just throw those suckers down when you want them to grow. If we had any rain, they'd all sprout this same year. So given the fact we'll frost soon and they're annuals, I'd hold on to them until spring, then set them out.

If you think about it a bit, Larry, they sprout like crazy. Rather than scattering them, I'd put a few down but space them. They get wide, even if they are the newer, shorter variety.

I have 3 different varieties of cleome now (love them!) and will save seeds to sprout inside, just because then I can be certain to actually place some where I want them to be vs. trusting Mama Nature. Inside sowing has them sprouting usually within 10 days, ready to place within the month.

Do you know what color the seeds are that you have?


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Larry K(7a)

Do you know what color the seeds are that you have?

Yeah, they're black:) If you neant what color the flower was, it was sort of a medium purple. Not as garishly bright as I prefer, but not too bad.


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Dwarf Linde Armstrong cleome is very nice. Yes, strat helps. Although cleome self seeds well in the garden, that's because hundreds/thousands of seeds are dropped. If you have just a handful, start them under light in doors in early spring after a 6 week strat in fridge. Or you can stratify outdoors and bring them inside to germ, or leave out in a cold frame. Depends on how much of a head start you'd like them to have.

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Four_Seasons(Zone 6)

I've done winter sowing with cleome seeds and they came through beautifully! I did learn that when you winter sow you get strong, healthy blooms far earlier than normal. When my winter-sown plants went to seed that first year I was expecting the plants and blooms to pop out the same time as the first year, but that didn't happen. Nature took her regular course and instead of early summer flowers, I had late summer plants....If you want early plants, then try winter sowing them....

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happygardnr(6 Central PA)

My cleome just keep reseeding and taking up more room in the flower bed. I think winter seeding is the answer, as that's what my plants do. Happy

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Sorry to bring this thread back to life. :)

I was given cleome seeds back in early October. She wasn't sure if the seeds are ready although she said that it's dried up. Below is what she gave to me. I will be sowing them in spring. However, I read above not to just scatter them since they go crazy and wide. Should I put the seeds one by one? And how far apart should the seeds be? 6 inches? 10 inches?

Do you think the seeds I got looks good? I keep it in my cabinet. I think the temp is 70F in my cabinet. Is that warm for the seeds?

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