The Name Game: Suggestions, please!

leftwood(z4a MN)June 23, 2006

Another instance of unintended neglect on my part: showing off my "hosting gift" at the swap. Presented by the esteemed Suzinnia, I received from her a most apropos object that she found "thrown by the wayside" at a garage sale.

Meet ________________. (I'll take name suggestions here, please.)

"Yeah, I'm bad." (?)


"I vant you to come closer . . . . so I can schpit on you!"

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firethorn(Zone 4 MN)

I like Humphrey Dimivschky. Gives him kinda a mobster feel, don't you think? ;^)

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selkie_b(z4 MN)

Baron von Heuschrecke


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minnesotawatchermom(4 Minnesota)

Meet "Harriet" Reminds me of a supervisor I once had! She was actually a good supervisor, but had her days.

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Minnesotawatchermom, I think she changed her name, and is now working with me.........sigh

Rick, since I brought him to the dance, Im not sure if I technically qualify to participate in the naming ceremony; but a name does come to mind.
When my younger brother was Polish grandpa used to have a nickname for him. I'm not sure how to spell it, but here it is the way it sounds: my-stir klep-ka. Translated, it means Mr. Fix it. Can you tell that my younger brother was a nix noox ?
Otherwise, I think the best name was alreadytaken by the gw person whose handle is zztopsoil....

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lynnsherbs(4 Minnesota)

He's remarkable whoever he is! I suppose Jiminy Crickett is too obvious...he looks german besides. Fritz? Gothilf? Colonel Klink?


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