Boy, do I feel dumb.

stpaulite(z4 MN)June 27, 2007

In a moment of weakness, I bought some Agastache "Blue Fortune." I loved the way it looked and the fact that butterflies just love it. I didn't know it's not hardy to our zone. I've seen it listed as zone 5 and zone 6. So, has anyone had any luck overwintering this plant? I didn't pay a lot of money for it, thank goodness, but I feel dumb for violating my own rule--if it ain't zone 4 winter hardy, don't even think about planting it.

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Have you planted it yet? I have agastache "Cana" in a large pot that I overwintered in the garage. I don't know how long I'll be able to get away with that, but so far so good!

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It's hard to resist that temptation sometimes. I have the native agastache so of course it's fully hardy. The butterflies and goldfinches just love it, I think it's very attractive and low maintenance, and it re-seeds like crazy. Let me know if you want to trade something for some.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Grow it in a pot as deeje does, and put it in an insulated box in the garage. Should do fine. Or, for herbaceous materials, just because it says zone 5, doesn't mean it's not hardy. Grow it in lean soil, no extra watering in the fall, with mulch. Wouldn't be surprised if it comes through.

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I just Googled the plant and says it's zone 4 hardy.

I'm betting it's marginal so mulch, mulch, mulch.

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