Oriental Poppies question

doucanoeJune 15, 2013

My oriental poppes that I have had for about 8-9 years and have always produced loads of HUGE red flowers are looking a bit haggard this year.

I have two. One has no buds as yet, one has only four and they are smaller than normal.

I would assume the cold spring we have had plays a part, but I also am noticing that they seem to be in need of division. Kind of like Siberian Iris do when the center seems to die out and there is a "ring" of healthy plant.

So here's my question....do Oriental Poppies need to be divided, and if so, how often and in the same manner as other perennials.....dig, cut, replant?



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I've always read they resent transplanting due to a long taproot. The one I have looks like it established a few babies by seed last year a couple of feet away from the mother plant.

Mine did not bloom this year either. Out weird weather must've caused it. The leaves look healthy but no flowers. So sad.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I'm happy to say my oriental poppies bloomed very well this year. Haven't had them long enough to know if they need dividing, only three years. I deadhead mine so don't know of they would come true from seed.

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I don't believe they need or benefit from dividing.

Many micro-climates were hard on them this past winter/spring. An off year every once in a while is to be expected.

Do you save seeds to sprout more?

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leavesweave, Wasn't sure if your question was meant for me or mnwsgal. Wish we could post responses in a way that makes sense. :(

Anyway, no I didn't save the poppy seeds. The babies are volunteers as I did not deadhead them last year. I like to let a few perennials (the less invasive ones) go to seed and see where they pop up. My back garden is my very informal garden, and you know what? It might just be the one I enjoy the most. :)

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