Yellow moon plant?

cl4smithJune 12, 2007

My neighbor has a yellow night blooming plant. He gave me a start from it. The plant will start blooming at dark and all blooms will open within 15 min. or so. The blooms have 4 yellow petals, and spring open within 30 seconds or so. They stay until full sunshine then wilt. This is the first year so I don't know if it has seeds or not. I will try to post a picture of it on the most recent photo gallery, 6-11-07

Anyone know the name of this plant?? I just found this site and it is great.

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Had a little problem trying to get picture on site, It is in Garden Galleries-Summer beauty. We have 20 to 35 blooms a night now. Started with only 4 the first 3 nights it bloomed.

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I think it's a "common evening primrose". Go to google and search images using that name and see what you think.
I have the yellow primrose that is on the other yellow moonflower thread. It has dandelion like leaves and is low to the ground.
I'll have to do some searching, would love to get one like yours. Very pretty.

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The plant I have is also a dandelion-like yellow flower. You can get seeds from it and re-seed them in the spring or if you leave them the nut like seed under the leaves at the base of the stem (after each flower blooms) is filled with seeds and can be left to re-start in the spring. I always take a few of these nut like seeds and save them in case it doesn't come back in the spring. Sometimes, when they do start up in the spring they are easily mistaken as a dandelion and we gardeners tend to pull them out not realizing that they are our flowers.
I have tons of them and love them ... they are cool!!

I would however, love to know the name of them


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Hi could anyone tell me where I could get some yellow moon plant seeds..and could someone please tell me if moon plants can live in AZ.?

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I have one of these-- I think the name is Oenothera triloba

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