Human Waste Fertilizer

ich_bin_nathanJune 25, 2007

No joke,

I just bought some human waste fertilizer [yes, it has been treated] that is supposed to keep dear/bunnies away as well as fertilze. Has anyone else ever heard of this? Does anyone have any thoughts? Do you think it will work? Do you think I will have to reapply it after every rain?

I wanted to see what everyone thought because I am seriously debating taking it back.

If I should take it back...does anyone have any suggestions for me to do to keep the deer away?

Thanks in advance,


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WOW !!I'd be scared to death of that stuff and I wonder if it is even legal to sell it and where would they get it? We were always taught that you never put human or dog or cat waste in your garden for fear of parsites. I'm not an expert, but I wouldn't use it! I've heard of children getting round worms from their sand boxes as the cats had also used it. Ask more folks.

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Nathan, I commend you for seeking out facts on this topic.

As a Master Gardener we are taught about the dangers of untreated human or other carnivores waste. If composted hot enough or perhaps treated in other ways, it MIGHT be perfectly safe. I would wonder if those processes would also remove/alter the factors that would keep deer or rabbits away.

You might find some sources of information on the Soil, Compost & Mulch forum, or by doing a google search of reputable websites (hint: limit your search to .edu domains).

There are lists of less attractive plants to these critters and various people swear by various products. You might want to keep in mind two things: 1) the animals in one neighborhood will have different preferences from those in another locale (Do you love the same foods as your best friend?), and 2) Any animal, when hungry enough, will eat even the most distasteful foodstuff in order to stay alive (see Donner party).

Short version: There is no silver bullet or one size fits all answer. Experiment around and best of luck!

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Are you referring to Milorganite? That's a low-nitrogen fertilizer made from Milwaukee's sewage treatment plants. It's all effluent-based, but it's been sterilized. It looks like ordinary garden fertilizer. It has an odor, but not of human waste. The scent disappates in a few days. It's entirely safe to use.

Milorganite is available everywhere. It's highly recommended because it's a slow release material and it doesn't burn plants. Some people hesitate to put in edible gardens because of the perceived risk of heavy metal contamination which the Milorganite company refutes.

I use it all the time as a gentle fertilzer. I throw in a cup when I pot annuals. All bulbs get a shot and each spring I throw bunches at the base of my flowering shrubs.

Since my garden is perpetually ravaged by rabbits, I can't say that it's an effective repellent. And a warning: it is highly atractive to dogs. Mine would graze under my plants to eat the stuff -- if I let them.

Go to the link, below and click on "How do we make this stuff?'

Here is a link that might be useful: More information about Milorganite

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

NO JOKE! I saw this on a Modern Marvels episode about fertilizer, just last week!!!

I believe it was in NJ, that this golf course uses no other fertilizer besides it!

Please keep us updated on its success!

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Wow ! Guess I'm outnumbered! But that's partly what this site is for. No problem ! I still would not use it especially on vegetables, but that's my choice. I don't buy "Purified water" either, as I always wonder just where that came from. Are we killing ourselves with chemicals? May your veggies be numerous and your weeds nonexsistant!

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I also use Milorganite often. It's a fairly inexpensive source of slow release nitrogen, especially compared to other organic/natural fertilizers. It also provides a decent amount of organic matter. The other thing people worry about is residual antibiotics or other medications that we people eat.

As a rabbit/deer repellent I think is only briefly effective, if at all.

Overall though I think the benefits outway the risks. Something has to happen to all that treated waste we create!


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