Brand New and have questions - please help

colleen_gardener(6 Bayonne, NJ)June 7, 2007

Hi ALL! I am very intrested in having a moon garden. This is my second year gardening (Mostly herbs and veggies) so I'm brand new and don't know much of the lingo yet - so sorry if these are stupid questions.......

I understand a Moon Garden only blooms at night and smells wonderful.... Right now I don't have a yard but have plenty of containers are there any flowers that bloom that I can plant in some small/med containers? When is the best time to plant them? I should be in our new home in a month or so, would I be able to transplant them out of the containers if I wanted too? Although I'm thinking it maybe nice to have them in pots on the porch. Any idea's, tips and directions on how to start this and what to start with would be great!



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Hi Colleen,
First, congratulations on your new home, that's very exciting.

A moon garden is not just night blooming plants, it is a garden of white plants and flowers that glow in the moonlight.

I think your container idea is great. It will look lovely on your new porch. As for transplanting it when you move, that's your call. It depends on what plants, etc. if they will transplant well. See how you like it in the container and then go from there. If you have perennials in it you can transplant then in the fall if you want. I would transplant early enough to give them a chance to take before the weather turns cold.

Go through old post here and you will find lots of plant ideas. Also, at there is a moon garden plan. It suggests plants and how to position them. Go to the gardening section, click on garden plans and look for "evening garden", there is also a "white garden" that will give you ideas too.
Here's a couple sites with a good list of plants:

Good luck and have fun with it! Congrats again on the house and I wish you many years of happy porch sitting. My porch is my favorite room of my house. I added a container water garden to it this year and it is heaven.


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colleen_gardener(6 Bayonne, NJ)

Thanks Sue!

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