Need help identifing Moon Plant!

jmccullough3(NC)June 24, 2004

My nextdoor neighbors have a plant they call aMoon Plant.

I would like to find a source of seed and/or plants. I have

some nice jpegs of it but do no know how to post them to

the forum. The first time I saw it was in April of this

year. It was about 10" tall and about 10" broad. Now it is

over 4 feet tall and has about 200 blooms each night.

You can tell which buds are going to bloom each night. It

starts blooming right after sundown and all the buds are

fully open within 15 to 30 minutes. The blooms are beutiful

yellow and very delicate. They last over night and right up

to the sun hits them. In full sun the blooms wilt within 15

minutes. It started with just a few blooms a night but

within 2 weeks it was up to 200 a night with no sign of

slowing down. My neighbor picks all the wilted bloows off

by noon the following day and it starts all over again.

I sure would appreaciate any help in identifing this amazing

plant. I would be happy to e-mail the pictures to anyone

that would like to see them...

Thanks for the help, jmccullough3

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MKull(8 SATX)

Moon Plant... Moon Vine...that would be a Moonflower, also less commonly known as an Evening Glory. Any place that carries seeds should have the moonflower seeds. Probably even Wal-Mart.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Try the seed exchange - I've seen it listed several times. If you're looking for the vine, it's an ipomoea - basically a morning glory. If you're looking for the plant, it's datura - a member of the nightshade family.

Please note that datura is posionous and I believe ipomoea seeds are posionous as well. Do a google search to make sure this is the plant for you.

I have both and am really enjoying the challenges of making this moon garden work. Have fun and keep informed.

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Joyce Knight

Could you send me the pictures? It sounds like with that many blooms in one night that the plant might be a Evening primrose. I have the moonflower vine, the moonflower bush[Datura],and yellow evening primrose ,and the primrose is the only one that has ever had 200+ blooms every night. Joyce

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I've never heard or seen a Moonflower bush. Tried to find it in my book but it wasn't there. Do the flowers look like the flowers on the wine? Where did you purchase the plant? I just found this forum and am very excited to be here.

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DebbieSue(7a Okc)

I've got some datura seeds you can have for a sase. This is my first year with one & it has amazed me!!
Mine is a big bush type with the big white flowers.
I've read it will come back next year from the roots.
I got my seeds from the seed exchange forum here on garden web......wish I could remember who it was so I could thank them again.
email me at if you want some seeds.

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I have a moonfower plant. It is generating 20+ long white trumpet shaped flowers every night. I have been deadheading it but plan on leaving some on as the season ends so as to have seeds. I would be happy to send seeds to anyone who wants some. I do understand that the plant does not make a lot of seeds tho. JIM

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Good lord, if you have datura Jim, you have hundreds of seeds. It's a huge pod stuffed with seeds. Enjoy! I think you will have a lot of fun with this.

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I do the same thing, Jim. I have been cutting all the seeds off so the plant will bloom longer, but plan to stop doing that soon, so there will be seeds. Each pod will have quite a lot of seeds. I have trouble getting them to germinate usually. Last year I was gone for a month, and came home to LOTS of seed pods on my yellow Datura (moonflower), so I cut them off and just threw them in a bucket that had holes in the bottom. NO DIRT. I thought I would discard them, but neglected to do so. This spring the 3/4 full bucket of seeds started to sprout! I just took the plants out and put them in dirt and more would sprout! There are still seeds in that bucket sprouting as I type. I guess when I don't try I get better results! LOL
My white one doesn't have as many seeds, or blooms, as the yellow one, or the purple one. This year I may have a bucket for each color! Grin!

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Brandons(Perth WA)

Hi Can someone here tell me how to get seeds from the moonflower vine? Do you have to leave the dead flowers on to make a seed or do seed pods form independently?

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i have a which was called a moon plant it is about 3ft tall and only blooms at night and has a trumpit shaped flower white, can you help and will it come back each year?

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Jim, this is a picture of my moon bush. It blooms untill about 10 A.M. in my garden.
After the bloom, it develops a green round seed pod, about the size of a golf ball. The seed pod is covered with sharp stickers and you will need gloves to harvest it, after it turns brown.
I use a hammer to gently burst the seed pod open. It will have bunches of seeds inside. Mine comes back from the roots each spring.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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well a moonflower vine it is not. the way your describing it it seems like creek mom said is an evening primrose because moonflower vine has white flowers large heart shaped leaves an gets almost 10 to 15 feet long here are some photos

and a moonflower bush which has a few names such as sacred datura. datura inoxia datura meteloides. and downy thornapple, have white flowers as well with a bluish tinge to them(although the most prodominant flower color is white). the flowes are outfacing trumpets but most of the time facing the sky. so i hope this will help as well bye


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scuba-gal(8a ~ Keller)

I tried the moonflower vine last year with wonderful results! I even had regular visits from lots of hummingbird MOTHS!
This year I also have 3 dature (moonflower bushes) that haven't bloomed yet - but are growing well!

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I got some seed last year at the fair and they were labeled moon vine, well so far it shows no sign of being a vine. It is around 3 feet tall. I planted it in a hanging basket but had to sit it on the porch. The stems look like the have a thin layer of white fuzz, but as the plant gets bigger the stems are taking on a purple hue. It has several pods for blooming growing pointed straight up. You can tell when the light hits them that there is a bloom growing inside. Some are just about full. The leaves feel like swade (bad spelling). Any one have any ideas what I got? Thanks

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hiswife(zone 6)

I love my moon flowers! I always have a ton of seeds from each flower but my first year with them, i removed them all thinking to replant them in another area. Without the seed pods in the original place, well you dont get anymore in that place. so pick some pods to give away or replant but leave plenty in your flower bed so they will come back.

Any in Ohio who would like some, I'm willing to share granted you send a SASE.

They do SPREAD!! so if you are wanting them contained.. it's difficult to do.

I dont dead head mine at all, I let them go. As of this morning, I had 20+ blooms with about 30-40 more to bloom tonight. And at times, they do last longer then 15 minutes in the sun. Mine lasted this morning until almost noon..
well worth the night hours to see them.

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hiswife I would love some i can send u a sase pls contact me ty

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