Deeyendra(zone 5)June 20, 2004

I live in Southeastern Nebraska, and am trying to grow moonflowers for the first time in a small garden. I know they can grow here, because my mother did it last year. I soaked the seeds for two days before I planted, but didn't put the seed down any particular way. I have sprouts in the garden with purple stems, but I'm not sure if they are the moonflowers, or just weeds! (This is my first gardening attempt, be gentle!) I was wondering if anyone had a picture of a plant that is about four or so inches tall or some way to identify it to know whether to pull them or not?

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mcarol(z5 Michigan)

I would check out google images and look up a picture. I recently planted a moon flower but it was in a pot so I'm not sure what it looks like very small. It bloomed last week and was worth the wait. (I've tried from seed but have been unsuccessful.)

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MKull(8 SATX)

Just so happens I soaked 8 moonflower seeds for a day and planted them two days ago. 3 are already visible and this is the largest one right now. I'll see how it looks after I get home this afternoon as well. Don't pull it yet!

Hope it helps!


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Deeyendra(zone 5)

Well, that is definatly not what I have. I have weeds. :-( But thanks for everyones help! Next question: are there any tips to transplanting moonflowers from one garden to a pot? How large should the pot be?

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MKull(8 SATX)

8 hours later

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Deeyendra(zone 5)

Dang, it grows quickly, doesn't it?

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