mini hosta flowers..

hagar23July 18, 2014

One of my mini hosta is blooming... I think the bees are disappointed because it is so small but I like it.

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What a cutie. What is the name of the hosta? Is that venusta?

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Mmmm.....Leinenkugel's -- Yummy!!

Don B.

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I don't know the name but is sure could be venusta. I have recently started labeling my hosts.

And Yes Don B, Lein
enkugel's is the best summer drink. :)

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Hagar, that is a great purple color. I enjoy the deep purples on some of my hosta, but my venusta hasn't put on a show like yours is doing now.

This bowl has a couple mini/smalls in bloom with purple flowers, one being venusta.

If you want knockout purple scapes, get a couple of Purple Lady Fingers! It is not in bloom yet, so here is a last year photo to show what I mean. PLF is a small I think.
Aug 2013

2012 closer image

They do not open, thus "fingers"

And Purple Passion is in the small category with purple blooms too. It also makes red scapes and red seedpods

My venusta bloomed in June early, and the color was not terribly purple., as shown in this photo from 2013.

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Babka NorCal 9b

The blue matches the blue label on the bottle! Now that certainly beats a ruler or pen as a form of measurement. ;-)

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Babka NorCal 9b

They look purple on my tablet and blue on a Chromebook! Go figger! Great photo either way.


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