Moonflowers vs Morning Glories

Peppy1(z5 ME)June 1, 2003

I soaked both my morning glories and moonflower seeds overnight and planted them in "okay" soil, sunny location outdoors. Now my morning glories are all popping up, but I have not seen a single moonflower. Do they take longer to germinate?? I planted another round, this time in little pots indoors. After 5 days, I decided to check on one of the moonflowers and a little sprout has popped out of the pod, so I have my fingers crossed. I have read on this forum three MG to every moonflower, I guess I won't have a problem here, I am struggling to get ANY moonflowers. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

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loves_roses(z8a GA)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. It sounds as if you've done everything you can do. Where are you located? I'm in southeast GA. I haven't planted morning glories yet. I'm wondering what color to get. I'd like white.

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Wendy_the_Pooh(z5/6 NY)

Yes, they do take longer to germinate than Morning Glories, I've found.

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Peppy1(z5 ME)

Thanks for the follow up. I'm in zone five, Coastal Maine, so it's a challenge to grow moonflowers here from everything I hear. My dad had the most beautiful display of morning glories and moonflowers that grew around our front porch every could take your breath away. Of course that was in CT, but I have to give it a whirl. Keep crossing your fingers for me :o)

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