planting cover for fence in shade

zeak8892(zone 6)November 15, 2012

Hi, I live in Maryland zone 6B. I have an ugly east facing green trellis fence in the backyard that is in partial to full shade due to overhanging cedars. I'd like to cover this with something "vine like" that is relatively dense to block out the neighbor's adjacent fence but don't want anything too wide like a shrub as the space is limited. The space is about 100ft long so cost is a factor. The height is 5-6 ft. Evergreen or something close is preferable to provide screen in fall and winter as well. Thanks.

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wannabegardnr(7 Maryland)

Ivy is evergreen and fast growing, can grow in sun or shade. But rampant growth may be a problem. You will need to check from time to time that it doesn't invade nearby trees or flowerbeds.

There is also hydrangea petiolaris. You will get white flowers in late summer. This will get thick vines as it gets larger, so will need some good support that can take the weight. I read it can be a bit slow to get going when first planted, but have no experience with it. Have seen it growing on a stone fence at work. Looks really nice. The spent flowers provide late season interest as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydrangea petiolaris

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wannabegardnr(7 Maryland)

Sorry, the hydrangea won't be evergreen. Here's a link I found that lists some evergreen vines. You'll need to research them and find out if they will work for your zone and their potential for being a thug.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link from UT Austin discussing mostly evergreen, and long blooming flowering vines

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