I am novice Need help starting from seeds

dswaggers(z6 MO)June 27, 2004

Hi, I am trying my first attempt with moon flower seeds. I have read some other threads. If I soak them, when do you plant them? How long should I soak? also, since it is almost july and I live in zone 6, should I put them in a pot to bring in later? My other questions, do you plant in part sun? Which sun - morning or evening, all day? After the season is over, if planted in the ground, will they come back. Any help to my beginning would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

I find that you must soak them untill they start to swell.... this could be up to a week..... any that float to the top are bad..... dark ones are bad as well...... :)

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dswaggers(z6 MO)

thanks so much for the tips, I am anxious to see these flowers start growing!!!

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I'm wondering if you have enough time in your growing season to get blooms. Anyone have any thoughts on that? They'll germinate quickly, but maybe won't flower. Maybe. If you have a bunch of seeds, you might want to set some aside for next season just in case.

Moonflower vine is an annual - treat them like morning glories b/c that's what they essentially are. Mine are in part sun - they are climbing a large willow teepee trellis.

I would soak them at least 48 hours and perhaps nick them with a nail clipper if you wish. I've been told by morning glory people that it's best not to fertilize - otherwise you get plenty of green and very few blooms.

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