Moonflower Ipomoea alba

deerslayer08(Upstate South Carolina 7)June 24, 2008

I have six of them growing in a large rectanguler pot and have already had 3 blooms so far. I had heard that they will develope a large rootstock, and since they are related to sweet potatoes, i was wondering If you could store the roots over the winter and plant them out in spring and maby get bigger vines and more blooms. Has anyone tried this and would it be possible?

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dee2000_tx7(DFW 7b)

I just googled the botanical name & just one site had so many positive comments I haven't quit reading yet. You should start there.

I have it growing also & it is so beautiful & fragrant, but you better have a large trellis or space for it. It will crawl all over if it doesn't have something to climb on. I think most times the seeds will reseed themselves, but maybe in your area you should save some to replant just in case. I don't know about being related to sweet potatoes, but it is related to morning glories.

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deerslayer08(Upstate South Carolina 7)

Thanks dee2000. Come this fall, I'll see how big the roots are and see if i can save them. I'll probablly store them like other rhisomes and bulbs and see how it works out.

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