Cypress Mulch for Incline?

thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)June 28, 2007

I have my new Sun garden mostly planted and am now starting to consider the finishing touches.

Since its partially on about a 30% incline, I'm worried that my mulch will slide off. I was considering limestone, like what I have surrounding my house. But I have a wooded lot and would have to wrangle the leaves come fall.

This bed will eventually adjoin a woodland bed that is mulched with red cedar mulch.

It was suggested to me to try cypress, since it has a quality that it will not slide down an incline.

I've never used it.... can anyone share their experience?

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My yard slopes down to the street at 20-30% incline. I use wood chips I get from the city or tree trimming services and haven't had any of the mulch slide into the street, even after heavy rains. HTH

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Yes, cypress is a good choice for a mulch on a slope. It is more fibrous and sort of knits together. I used it around a pond area and it did not blow into the pond or erode. I feel it is easier to change your future plantings with a wood mulch rather than rock mulch. Its also softer to walk on when barefoot. The one disadvantage is that it seemed to disappear rather quickly through decomposition and from winter cleanup of the flower beds. The smaller wood chips would work as well. I don't know how cypress and cedar would look where they would join together. I have seen an interesting garden that used various types and colors of mulches in patterns. Of course, the mulch was more of the feature than were the plantings.

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