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soilent_greenJuly 6, 2012

This is my third meal of snap beans that I have snitched from the garden. The crop is really kicking into production now, so a thorough picking is due. I should really be harvesting on Friday but I think I will put it off to Saturday because cooler temps are forecast.

First two photos show snap beans and potatoes harvested at 4:30pm for my 6:00pm dinner - a person can not get any fresher vegetables than that. The third photo shows those vegetables on the dinner plate along with a sirloin that was grilled on charcoal and apple wood.

Feel free to click on any pic to see larger version, but please note that you will be redirected to my flickr photo page. I do this to reduce load times for folks with slower internet connections. :)

Gold Rush Yellow Wax, Royal Burgundy Purple,
and Blue Lake Green Bush Snap Beans:

Kennebec White Potatoes:

The Meal:

Following is a photo of various potatoes, onions and shallots that I harvested on July 01. I gave all of this stuff, plus a bunch of chard, to my sister as a thank you for helping me do some weeding back in May.

Following is a photo of Strawberry Spinach aka Beetberry harvested on June 27. Not a favorite of mine to eat but a very interesting plant none the less. Cooking the leaves as spinach is not too bad, but takes a lot of picking for a meal.

I expect to harvest my first tomatoes on Saturday - cherries from my Red Robin container tomatoes. Missed my June goal again, but I am getting closer...

Happy Gardening.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Nice to see your freshly harvested veggies. Will pick up some from our farmers' market as got my garden in late so will be awhile before any are ready. That strawberry spinach IS interesting. Do you eat the red blooms (?) also or just the leaves?

Think next year I will plant some bush beans to go along with the later producing pole beans. I love eating fresh beans from my garden.

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Very nice and jealous of your bounty. Not quite there yet but getting closer. Just picked some spinach. yum. thinking of BLT's for supper tomorrow!


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9:45pm - just got in from another evening of watering. The workday is over. Today the weather was simply dreadful. Hopefully we will get some of the rain that is forecast for tonight and Saturday, we could really use an inch or two now.

Strawberry Spinach: The red seed clusters/berries/blooms are edible (I still do not know what they are officially called). They are very seedy, juicy, and rather bland (at least to me). I think they are used for their visual appeal more than anything else in things such as salads, and I see the value. The juice that comes from them is incredibly rich and colorful - I wonder if it could be used as a natural dye. The photo does not do justice to the beautiful bright red color of the berries. The plants seem to spread quite easily from seed so I am a bit concerned that this plant may have invasive qualities. The seed is winter hardy.

Bush Beans: I know a lot of folks do not care to plant bush beans because of the garden space needed plus the back strain regarding harvesting, but for me they have always produced much sooner than any pole beans that I grow and are very prolific producers. IMO these benefits override any negatives.

Jodi - I am surprised you are still getting spinach. Mine fried in the heat weeks ago. I love fresh spinach in BLTs and on my favorite California-style hamburgers. I actually prefer it over lettuce, but of course home grown loose leaf lettuce is very good too. The combination in a salad is a treat as well. I wish spinach would be more heat tolerant so I could have a longer harvest season. Enjoy those BLTs tomorrow!


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