moon flower BUSHES

Jan_Hobbs(z6a TN, USA)June 8, 2003

I just found this forum.....I'm sure it has been here all the time, :) but I just found it! I didn't know there were moon flower BUSHES! Does anyone have extra seeds they would be willing to share with me for SASE or trade? OR is it too late to plant this year?



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I think that this term is just a new one that the nurseries are using instead of datura. I say this because one of my nurseries is selling "moonflower" and I recognize it as a datura not moonvine. They are pretty, and they do bloom at night but they aren't moonflower vine which is what I always considered the real moon flower. Semantics.

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Jan_Hobbs(z6a TN, USA)

Thanks for the info, sowandsew. :)

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ChaseUdn(z7 OKC/OK)

I know the moonflower BUSH that you are speaking of. I have seen it grown in Oklahoma many times, and it is absolutely beautiful. I tried for about 2 years to find out about this BUSH, and finally found it at Go there & search Datura. The name they have for it is Datura Metel Solanaceae. I have heard it called many different names. Anyway, I couldn't find seeds so I purchased some. I should have seeds before long and would be more than happy to send you some. Jot down my email address & remind me in a month or so. Thanks.....Happy Gardening...Brinda :)

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ChaseUdn(z7 OKC/OK)

Jan BTW....
I have found alot of information on this plant by searching the internet using Datura Solanaceae. The following gives the difference betwee Datura and Brugs. Try this
Good luck!
Brinda :)

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dan1949(z6 MI)

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to add my 2 cents to the discussion :-) I have grown the bush Moonflowers ( that is what they were called on the printed plastic tabs that come with the plant) and only a couple of years ago found that they are really Daturas. I have saved the seeds and always found them very hard to start from seed. So I usually would buy them as plants. This season,for some reason in the Metro Detroit area, I could not find them. I have been growning the "true" Moonflowers for the past 10 years off and on. Very easy to grow from seeds after sanding (or nicking) them and soaking them over night in warm water. Matter of fact, with my heated grow pad and grow lights, I have had them coming up in a couple of days. This year I'm growing two in a 24 inch pot, since the last time I planted them in the ground, they just vined everywhere and covered up the flowers. I could not even keep ahead pruning them back :-) I have grown the potted ones before with pretty good luck - less vines and more flowers.


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My datura " moonflower bush" seeds came from a frend in Oklahoma. I had a little trouble getting them started with direct sowing so I started some in a pot and then transfered the plants to my garden. I have noticed that they have more blooms during a full moon. I will collect some fresh seed this fall and share. Anyone interested just email me with your address.

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georgiegirl34(zone 9b, FL)

Just trying to determine the difference between the Calonyction aculeatum, or ipomoea alba and the Datura.
I understand the Datura is a bush as opposed to a vine. Are the leaves opposite or alternate in the Datura?

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dtpforu(7a NC)

The Moon Flowers that I've been growning for the past 15 years are a Datura bush and reseed profusely! Man, I have to pull out hundreds of little seedlings so I won't have but one or two bushes. Transplanting here for me seems to be rather hard. Anyway, I will have plenty of seed in about a month or two, as mine are blooming now. Jan, my e-mail is and if you'll remind me in a month or two, I'll send you some seed.



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Debb_T(z7 delta AR)

I bought a moonflower bush (as it was named at the nursery). I have been waiting all summer for it to bloom, but no blooms. We were driving yesterday and I saw others in our area blooming, so does anyone know why I would have a non-blooming moonflower bush? My moonflower vine, which is near-by, is blooming just fine. I plant these from seeds each year. My husband suggested maybe you have to have a male and female bush. I am clueless. Has anyone else encountered this before?

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AmberSky(9b FL)

If you needed a male and female, that would matter for getting fertile seeds. They would both still bloom though. A plant has no way to know that their is a polinator near, it just blooms and waits for the insects.

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I have a moonflower bush that comes up every year and keeps getting bigger and bigger every year, but several persons have said it is an annual, also how can someone get a start off of it several friends would like to have a start off of it?

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I will have tons of seeds and must have tons already because I have lots of Moonflower Bushes coming up now. All different sizes, so if anyone living in the Tulsa area does not have any, but wants them, I certainly have plenty to share.


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I believe Moonflower Bushes "Datura" are self-seeding. If the prickley pods are left on, split open and spill the tiny seeds on the ground in the fall, many little seedlings should come up in the spring. We cut our bushes down after it frosts, but save some of the prickly pods. I spread them on newspaper in the garage to dry. When the pods split, I spread the seeds around and let them dry for several days. For good measure, I sprinkle a few of the seed back on the ground, and save the rest for sharing.
The blossoms are open in daytime, but not as prolific as at night. I have 3 bushes on the E.side of our house (each approx. 6'W x 4'H) & 4 on the S. side (they are smaller), but will use fewer next year as they are quite invasive. They have taken over my Westeria & Hydrangea bushes. The fragrance of the Moonflower blossoms are delightful and quite powerful, so plant them near a porch or window and enjoy! I posted a photo in the Photo Galleries of this site today, (8-29-'06) of some blossoms on my Moonflower bush. twig

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Galleries

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Just a couple facts
Datura/Brugmansia=moon flowers along with manyother plants of the niteshade varity.

Datura & Brugmansia both have MANY different types of plants within their own genus
Datura Inoxia, Datura Metel, Brugmansia Versicolor, Brugmansia Suaveolens, etc.

The fact remains that Datura, More of a bush type plant that can be 2-8 feet high, Mine are usually 3x3 are NOT the same as Brugmansia which can grow into 10-12 or higher trees or can be left to form vines.

All part of the nightshade family but different genus
Anyone wanting datura inoxia seeds see my post in this forum
Hope this helps


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I have been enjoying my moon bush all summer. I thought I planted the moon vine (that is what I was told by the lady that gave it to me) She said to plant the seeds in Jan, so I did. Nothing happened. I forgot all about them. In june I saw this plant, had no idea what it was. All of a sudden it was huge and had the blooms on it. I will have seeds of anyone wants. I just sprinkled a bunch of seeds in the dirt and covered them.

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I am so glad I found this site. Last summer my daughter planted this bush and my question is you cut down the old branches from the previous year.. I am truly hoping it will return but just wasn't sure if it starts "fresh" every year...we had tons of spiky pods that I left be and seemed to drop or crack open..... thoughts would be appreciated!

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Lisa_H OK(7)

Yes, cut down the old branches. It may or may not come back from the roots, but it should have set a bunch of seed that should reseed. The seeds are in the spikey balls.

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