Anything Blooming?

treehouse(z7 MD USA)November 14, 2004

I know it is late, but I just cut my last rose yesterday. It is a climber- 'Joseph's Coat'- that is still in a pot for 5 years now.


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Melissa_InTheWoods(z7a MD)

Dicentra Eximia (Native bleeding heart), it has been blooming since April!

Porteranthus Trifolius (Bowmans root) I planted it this fall has 2 blooms still.

My Hammamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) shrub is still blooming, it blooms in fall.

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myloki(7 Va)

Wow, Melissa, I'm going to have to find that bleeding heart! And check my H virginiana - mine is still young though.
I have a few roses blooming - The Fairy, La Marne, Bermuda's Kathleen, Abraham Darby, Knock Out, La Reine, Comte de Chambourd. A few Tea roses have buds - Mrs B R Cant and Rosette Delizy and a couple others. My impatiens are still hanging on. So are the cosmos. My snowball bush (some variety of viburnum) is blooming like gangbusters. And the few pansies that my rabbit has not eaten.

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Marigolds! The energizer bunny of annuals. So prosaic, yet easily on my favorite and must plant lists.

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The open-pollinated vining petunias are still blooming -- they've survived several nights at 28. Also the hybrid rugosa roses and one china rose.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I have a couple of varieties of low growing dianthus that's hanging in there. Also, one candytuft out of 6 doesn't realize this is not spring. Tickseed coreopsis is still blooming as well.

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Larry Kahn(7b)

Still a few flowers on the monkshood, dwarf butterfly bush, knockout rose, and the mums.

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The dwarf standard reblooming Iris is still blooming. It does every fall until its frozen, usually still full of buds.This year it is better than ever. I enjoy its Spring blooming season but then it has lots of competition In the fall it is special. Vicki B

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- We've still got some last blooms hanging on, even though we've had hard enough frosts to kill the marigolds.
- Red roses
- Shasta daisies
- strawberries
- delphinium
- chrisanthemum
- orchids (did you guess these are not outdoors?)
- The lettuce and broccoli are trying to bloom, but i won't let 'em!
Happy gardening,

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wvtransplant(Zone 7, MD)

Mums are still going, as are the dianthus "Bewitched," as well as the monarda (the smaller, native kind). I took a large bloom, probably the season's last, off one of my rose bushes on the wednesday before thanksgiving. The lavender and the obedient plant still ahve a few isolated blooms each. I even see fully formed buds on my blackeyed susans, but i don't think they are goign to open up now with the cold nights of the past two days.

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Hellebore foetidus are forming bloom stalks, does that count? They look so healthy and happy! They'll bloom in early December.

Lots of roses still throwing out blooms, and I finally cut down the tender (s.guarantica) salvias in pots today even though they were still going strong. A flash of orange in the midst of dead brown turned out to be a self seeded calendula blooming in the cold.

Aster tartaricus 'Jindai' is past prime but holding blooms well and foliage a nice yellow. And there are always a few digitalis lutea that have a second flush this time of year.

It's surprising how many plants have buds which will be hit by frost before they have a chance to bloom.

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juliat(z7 VA)

Ditto on the helleborus. Dwarf reblooming iris, dianthus, yarrow. And, yes, pansies. Sweet allysum. Lilac/pink nicotiana were still going strong but I yanked them out last week because they are just aphid magnets.

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barb_bronze(z7 DC)

All I bought for my new place were some pansies and potted hardy mums in October. The pansies are doing well.

I've never had a hardy mum before, and these were covered with medium-sized yellow flowers and lots of tight little buds. All the label said was hardy mum "Lisa". I haven't found any info on it anywhere. The flowers died off a few weeks ago, but they're still covered with tight, little buds. Any chance that they might make it to bloom around here?

Also, I was at Behnke's in Potomac the other day and saw some lovely plants on a wall with yellow flowers and fern-like leaves just blooming their heads off. I was told they were an annual called bidens that they sell, but she didn't know what kind. They had a short, alpine appearance. I think after searching it may have been bidens ferulifolia (maybe Peter's Gold Carpet). Anybody been there and know for sure?


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pontesmanny(z6/7 S NJ)

I have Camellia japonica "Spring Promise" blooming from around Dec 10. It is still going strong this morning - Jan 17

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