Ipomoea alba, et. al...

arjo_reichJune 22, 2007

It's only been two months since I moved into our house, but I figured I'd show show off my current "work in progress" with my moon-flowers and morning glories...

Now that they're getting long enough I'm going to "re-train" them to grow the tree trunk into a spiral pattern up to the fairies hung on the tree. Various types of (day blooming) morning glories are starting to use the moon-flowers as trellises to begin their climb up as well.

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Wow! You have done a beautiful job. I love the idea.

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Thats a good idea to use the tree as a trellis.

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Two weeks later and the vines have reached the point at which they're finally wrapping around the fairies hung on the tree. Several of the morning glories planted around the moonflower vines have already starting vigorously climbing and I had one earlier bloomer already...

Now I just have to figure out how to creatively encourage the secondary off-shoots of the vines to close in the bare spots along the sides of the tree.

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We have moonflowers!

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Absolutely gorgeous and I am in love now. Do you know if they will do okay here in Fort Lauderdale Florida and suggest a place for me to get them?

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