I finally found some Moon flower transplants.

JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)June 7, 2005

I was so disappointed that the local nurseries weren't carrying Moonflowers this year. I bought a packet of seeds and decided to try again...no luck direct sowing. I thought it was going to be a year without Moonflowers..that would be a shame. Last year was my first year with them, I am HOOKED. I finally found a local nursery that had them in their indoor greenhouse. I bought two 6 inch pots, that had about a 8 inch plant in each..I know they didn't take off for me until it got really hot here last year. I now know to be patient too. The buds and blooms will come. Last year I was a lunatic waiting and waiting and watching. They are incredible.

My white garden is coming along great too. The spring bulb foliage is finally starting to wither enough to remove some of it. I want to take a few snap shots, but the yellowing foliage is unsightly. I bet in a week or two I will be taking a some pictures.

Anyone have pictures of theirs to share ? I love looking at white/silver gardens. They are so cool. Do any of you have pictures at dusk..? I love the way the flowers hover at dusk and dawn.

I'm just happy to have my moon flowers this year.... : )

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

I'm just entering a follow up to move this thread along down the line........I guess I was just too happy, ha haha.

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I found seedlings at a nursery here, this year.

Last year, my now exboyfriend upended the tray my peat pots were in - I lost every one of my plants! I would've killed for some seedlings.

Yesterday, I go on down to the nursery to pick up some stuff, and I saw them...and there were so many!

Best part? Mine are way bigger. I was so pleased!

I know I had to wait another whole year to have them back, but it'll be worth it.

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