red berry shrub

dgs9r(z7 Baltimore, MD)November 5, 2007

I was driving on a country road in Lancaster county (wish I knew which one) and saw two large patches of short bushes blazing red with berries. It stung my eyes! Now I have to get some red berry bushes.

Any advice? I want the heaviest fruiter. Do you have to have male and female? Not too large, maybe in 4-5 foot range? Ilex, viburnum, which ones fruit the most?

I was with some people, and we couldn't stop, otherwise I'd go back and find out!



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Betcha it was winterberry. I think they are more likely to be heavy fruiters than the viburnum which often need a particular pollinator at exactly the right time.

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dgs9r(z7 Baltimore, MD)

I thought winterberry would be large?
Unless they were younger plants...

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Could've been Burning Bush (Euonymus alata). Once the leaves drop, small bright red berries remain. It is considered invasive in some areas, including the Mid-Atlantic area (and pops up on the side of the road):

Viburnums are very good berry producing shrubs. The birds especially appreciate the native ones. I had a group of robins feasting on my Viburnum acerifolium berries yesterday.

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EricEden(z7 MD)

it was very likely a viburnum, deciduous ilex (winterberry holly or winter red holly), euonymous (the invasive alata or the native american) or possibly a barberry that you saw on the side of the road - I hope it wasn't an old bittersweet - please don't consider planting that...

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