bucks(9 Arizona)November 15, 2012

I am thinking about growing these to sell and I know nothing about them. I have had good luck with my garlic and onion sales, but I just do not know what kind of demand there is for Shallots. I also do not know where I need to be on pricing as I sell everything buy the pound. I get $5 for garlic and $2 for my onions right now to my coops that I sell to. However I was told by one coop that they could buy onions for $.76 a pound! Funny though some of the customers perferred mine. It is just tough going up against the bigger guys shipping to Arizona from California.

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For me, shallots are a specialty item that will either be hit or miss. I plant a few lbs every year and always sell out. You can plant them either spring or fall. Unlike garlic, shallots seem to do as well spring planted as they do in the fall--at least in my experience. I experimented w/leeks on a fairly large scale this year and also sold out of them. It can never hurt to plant a few as a test and adjust that amount in the future.

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I just ordered 5lbs of shallot bulb sets for southern California growing, other vendors say they plant them year round. These are french red. I'd like to grow them from seed but have not found them yet for my latitude.

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I retail them @ $3.00 per pint at market and always sell out. 2 years ago I began to grow a lot more and began selling at produce auctions where I dont do nearly as well but get about 1-2$$s per quart. still kinda profitable but not nearly as nice as retail! I only grow the larger dutch types now.

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My shallots for planting arrived. I am breaking the bulbs apart to plant them and getting concerns. Most of the dried root stays with one section while the other is pure exposed meat of the scallion.Looks destructive? Is this how it goes?
Maybe they are not supposed to be broken down to every single clove like garlic?

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