Survey: Gardening shoes

leaveswave(.)July 17, 2007

What do you wear when working in the garden?

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Flip flops.

I have tried several of the rubber clog-type garden shoes, but they are too hot and make my feet sweat.


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twohuskies(z4A Mpls, MN)

I wear a pair of waterproof hiking shoes from the North Face. My feet never get wet and if the shoes get muddy I just rinse it off. They are expensive shoes, especially for gardening, but I wear them as my every day shoes as well. And when it's time to replace them I get a new pair and save the old for gardening..

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I use Muck Boots..
Have worn one pair for over 5 years and have another pair waiting until they wear out..

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I have a pair of muck boot brand shoes which work great for me in early spring and fall, especially if I have a lot of digging to do. I like the fact that I can just hose them off and the liner is removable and washable.

This time of year though, the muck boots are much too warm. I wear a five year old pair of leather sandals. Not much to look at but comfortable as all get out.

Plus, I don't like to have white feet. LOL

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Flip-flops, or barefoot (if I'm not digging). The bottoms of my feet have a good layer of dirt embedded in them. My feet probably will not be fully clean until winter . . . .

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A pair of bright yellow rubber loafers I found on clearance for less than a dollar. Been wearing them for seven years only for yard work and they have held up really well. Easy to slip on and off and just hose them off when they get dirty.

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Garden clogs or sometimes whatever shoes I have on at the time...which isn't a good thing! :)

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Flip flops - easy to clean, easy to slip off when I get to the door if I haven't cleaned them.

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

I have a pair of outrageously expensive river-rafting flip flops. I bought them when I needed something 'airy' due to having blistered my poor feet on vacation in Arizona, New mexico, and Nevada early last March. I never would have paid that kind of money for them (over $40) if I hadn't been desparate. BUT, they are one of the bests things I ever bought for myself. They cradle the bottom of my feet like fine hiking boots. And they are heavily built and tough (though not too heavy for comfort). The bottom is made like a tire tread and they are totally non-slip, both the part my foot touches and the part that is on the ground. I get them dirty, hose them off, and they are good as new. Absolutely LOVE them! They are made by Teva.

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lazyweeder(z4 MN)

Flip flops ($2 Walmart) unless the mosquitos are out then an old pair of tennis shoes.

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I use those water shoes or socks as some call them. They fit snugly enough around my ankle so wood chips and other bits don't get in. They are light and cool, and can be rinsed off. They cost only a couple bucks at the end of season sales and last a few years. The only thing I would change is to give them a bit stiffer fole and a little more padding inside--I spend a LOT of time in the garden and the bod's getting a little creaky! :-)

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I use rubber gardening clogs that I got at the MN Arb when they first came out. They are great for watering or other wet activities and have an arch support so can wear them for long periods. They are my first choice as easy to slip on and off.

For digging or heavy work I wear an old pair of leather shoes. When my everyday shoes become too worn they become my gardening shoes.

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

It ranges from Sorrells to Wellies to Hiking/Ankle boots to sneekers to Crocks (want-to-bes- they are the cheep Target water types) when the dirt gets in them, I just lift my foot and give it a shake and out all the debris falls through the many breathing holes (my current favorite) to barefootin it-

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

I start out with rubber garden clogs or very old Birkenstock and end up barefoot. I then have to go hunting for the shoes when it is time to go in.

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I am barefoot. I love to feel the dirt (or mud) between my toes. Usually by this time of year it is almost impossible to get all the dirt out of the cracks near my toenails-but OH WELL! I love being barefoot in the garden.

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