Moonvine relocation story (Ipomoea alba)

doug_mJuly 16, 2007

I have been growing moonflowers for a few years and I have an interesting story to tell.

It was midsummer and my moonflowers had reached the top of the fencing that they were climbing. There was leaf growth, but the vine hadn't really taken off yet in its growth.

It turned out that I was going to move, and I had to find a way to take my precious moonflowers with me. I carefully snipped the wire fencing and unwound the vines. Previously I had dug around the base of each vine for easy removal later. On the day of the move it was extremely hot and I hadn't thought of a few important things, like what kind of container to transport them in. I placed the dirt and roots in heavy poly bags with some water, and placed them carefully in a cardboard box.

I had previously prepared the soil and trellis at my new home. When I arrived with all my belongings, I had another dilema. I had to unload and move my things, but I had taken so much care and time transporting the moonvine that I didn't want to lose them... SO...

I placed the plants in the poly bags next to the side of the house, untangled them and taped the top of the vine to the side of the house. After a day or two they looked pretty bad, but I finally had time to plant, so I did, using floral tape to attach the vines to the new fencing.

I didn't think they would survive because the intense heat would shrivel the leaves during the day, but amazingly as soon as the sun went down, the leaves perked up. I continued monitoring them and keep them watered and in a few weeks they adapted to their new environment and grew profusely.

It was the most vigorous foliage AND blooming I had witnessed out of my few years that I have grown these special flowers.

If your moonflowers are not blooming or look like they have stopped growing, have faith and don't count them out !!!

They want to live and know how to do it very well!!

I love moonflowers, and especially on a full moon night, with an occasional added bonus of seeing a Sphinx moth or two enjoying the flowers nectar.

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I have that same heat problem with mine. During the day they all look wilted and water starved and then around 1-2 AM they perk back up and come full of life.

Still trying to figure it out, and I think my best guess is the fact that their entire root structure is growing under my aggregate/concrete patio - and the 95+ (F) degree sun beating down on that slab of concrete heating it up, really stresses out the roots.

Really starting to bum me out because several of the vines have been shedding their lower leaves because of whatever is causing this...

But your right, they seem to bounce back like a charm and the buds on the vines are getting larger and larger and soon I think it will be time to bloom... <grins eagerly>

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