Moon flowers & Earwigs (do they come as a pair?)

tristateJuly 2, 2008

I'm in Zone 5 (upstate NY) and it's my first time growing moon flowers and have noticed some of the leaves are eaten up. I thought it was my rough handling but now notice in 3 of my 4 pots, earwigs came out while I was moving the leaves and creating a trellis.

Are moonflowers favorites of earwigs? Can I expect an infestation and (horror) earwigs dropping on my head?

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I haven't noticed more than usual for me - but in the garden today anything is possible.

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Ive been infested with them since my purchase of mulch at walmart. They hide in ANYTHING (when I open my grill they pour out) and thats probably what they were doing when you discovered them. Move anything away that they can hide in/under including solar lights if you have them by your Moon flowers.

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