Why is my moon flower wilting?

vcarousel(NWmighigan)July 14, 2003

A friend of mine gave us a moonflower, we planted it in the sun between our cement stairs and a brick garden spot. He said that they like to be warm and that in our area it would be good to plant it there. Well every morning and afternoon it wilts terribly. We have been putting an umberella???? I think that's how its spelled, over it everyday and at night it perks back up, but I am afraid that we will lose it if I dont find a better place for it. Could someone give me some suggestions? Thank you

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Are you sure that it is well watered? It seems to me that it needs more water.

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skippy05(z7 PA)

Is it a moon flower vine? My looks wilted during day sometimes, if it is really hot, I just give it more water
right down at the roots.

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LaBella(Z7 BC)

I can think of another reason if more water doesn't work.
You mention that its in cement, how new is the cement?
Is there a cement grout in the brick work?
the cement could be combining with any fertilizers that you use on it, if you increased the fertilizer because it was wilting, it would wilt more if this is the cause.
The lime in the cements can cause a chemical burn to the roots if the fertilizer mixes with it.
Thats why we never fertilize and spread lime at the same time!
I'd say stop any fertilizers (even organic) and increase the watering, by soaking the roots down deep, to see if that helps.Moonflowers do wilt some but always seem less wilty when the rains satisfy them. Hope this helps!

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GordonHawk(7/ NYC)

surre sounds like it needs more water to me also.. it's amaising the ammount of water they need... I can water the planter mine are in .. long deep and quite thoroughly in the morning .. and by afternoon.. they are drooping... guess it's time to get the watering system up and running... Gordon

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china1940(Z5 MO)

I never noticed before, but this year my moonflower vines wilt in the heat of the day and get ok again in late afternoon. They have plenty of moisture as we have had rain showers this week everyother day

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