Shrimp aquaculture

veggievicki(7b)November 27, 2012

Here is an interesting link on shrimp in an aquaculture system. Sorry for starting a new thread, but since i was the last to post in the fish thread, it wouldn't let me add this link.

Here is a link that might be useful: shrimp aquaculture

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If you add a character to the posting line, you can add. Just FYI.

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I think the dissolved oxygen level in the pond would be the limiting factor on population size. The more a pond is aerated, the more it can support. It's the same with fish.

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I went to a couple of workshops about this and found one thing you have to do is put in new ponds as most ponds are not the right dimensions for shrimp farming and would have to be drained and redug (plus you cannot use the pond for anything else so if you like a stocked pond for fishing you would need an additional pond)

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Maybe that's the reason that the guy in our area is using big swimming pools. that would make sense.

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One guy uses big vats. Same as talapia tanks. But he puts these things in that are like screens because the shrimp are territorial and don't like to school like fish. So they need to be sort of divided up. The negative I read was the shrimp don't poop enough for the plants, so better to have both fish and shrimp. Kind of like at Captain D's. Fish and Shrimp. LOL.

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