nonpatented roses

ThePatriot(z9 Ca)November 15, 2005

I want to purchase several miniature roses, but I only want nonpatented varieties. I've looked at many different catalogs and websites, and most of their roses are patented. Some even list roses that are more than 17 years old as still being patented.

Where can I find a good selection of nonpatented miniature roses at reasonable prices?

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Try Sequioa Nursery in Visalia. Ralph Moore is the King of mini. If you every get a chance u must go. Sadly it will close in a year or 2 when Mr. Moore is 100. Tell them what u want to do and they should help out.


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spunbondwarrior(7 wst nc)

go here:
and then here

and then too the ARS site:

and don't forget, you can always ask the rose growers at the forums here......

seaweed extractearthworm castingsalfalfa teasome very well rotted leaf mulchand a little rabbit crapno herbicides, no fungicides no miticides no insecticides no herbicides,no kind of "cides", I have 91 kinds growing, the rest (I have aquired quite a more few too, and at least a few new ones every year, and just keep on keeping only the healthiest and killing the weak, disease prone every year) I have killed off over the years, kill the weak keep the strong....
Yes,just lots of mulch and the above mentioned mix of "stuff" and killing off the weak, disease susceptible (that means that they ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR WHERE YOU ARE!!!)and you too can have a garden full of roses whose only requirement is some sunshine and a little water now and then (only the first year, I have never watered anything beyond its' first year on the ground)

Not to be insulting, but those who claim that healthy roses can not be grown organically, yes and even with a regimen of total neglect, are at best ignorant of the facts and reality, and at worst, just plain fools. The wrong kinds of plants for the wrong kinds of places...... I have friends who fall into both categories, but I don't keep a personal grudge or anything similar about it. I plant roses because I am in love with roses, not because I am in love with nor feeling some deep seated need to feed the the agro-chemical establishment.

Sorry about the rambling

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