Stunted moonflower vine

kateanne(11)July 16, 2013

I planted moonflower seeds in pots with some morning glory in may on my lanai here in honolulu, I was afraid it might be too hot but the seedlings all came up quickly. The morning glories are doing pretty well, the vines are a couple feet long and budding already, but the moonflower plants don't seem to be growing at all. They are still working on their third set of leaves and no more than 3 inches high. As well, the leaves are irregular, kind of spiky shaped hearts. I at one point noticed that the undersides of the first seedling leaves had white powdery bug residue, so I clipped those off. The plants don't look unhealthy, just stunted. Did I plant too late in the season?

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Moon flowers are tough to get started in my garden too. They take a lot of heat so you should have no trouble there. Maybe the more vigorous morning glories are stealing their thunder! Mine look delicate and weak next to the morning glories but once they get started they do grow. Right now my glories are nine feet long and covered with flowers, the moonflowers are eighteen spindly inches but are at last setting buds. The spiky heart shape leaves sound right. Mine sulk if not pretty soggy, I live in windy dry San Jose. Try a boost of fertilizer and plenty of water, and clear away some morning glory leaves if they are muscling in.

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