Picture of my Moon Bush

aprilfool(7)July 8, 2007

Click on the link below and see a picture of my Moon Bush. The white trumpet shaped flowers open at night and stay open untill about 10 A.M. After the flower falls, it developes a round green seed pod, about the size of a golf ball. It has sharp needle like stickers. After it turns brown you can harvest the pod, but you will have to use gloves to handle the pod because the stickers are sharp. I use a hammer to gently burst the pod open. It had lots of seed inside.

Mine comes up from the roots each spring.

I will post here after I harvest the seed and offer the seed to any who wants some.

I have them by my driveway and they make a lovely display for me to enjoy each morning as I leave the driveway.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I'd love to get my hands on some, when the time comes. They'd make a much better addition around my moon-flower tree instead of the dusty millers that are struggling down there now...

Looks great, by the way...

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Thanks Arjo, I'll be happy to send you some of the seed when they are ripe.
I never saw a moon tree. Do you have a picture of it?

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lol, sorry, I was referring to the oak tree around which I have moon flower vines trained. <ducks>

There's a thread just below this one (Ipomoea Alba) where I uploaded a couple snapshots of them starting up the tree...

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by the way, I should have mentioned that you can contact me at arjo_reich@yahoo.com so we can work out the exchanges down the road. ;-p

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ario, I sent you an email.

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Have been searching for this bush for 3 years since I saw one in Northern Wisconsin. Would certainly appreciate any seeds that you can spare. carolc37@yahoo.com. will pay postage if you have any for me.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I have a Datura bush like yours growing in a pot and I see you are zone 7. I'll have to try it in the ground. Have you had any dermatitis problems from the leaves? Another name is thornapple, mine may be setting some seed this year.

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growershower(Z7, MD)

Your "moonbush" is beautiful. I recently found it growing in an alley in my neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. I did some research and found that it is called 'datura' has been used as a hallucinogenic drug for centuries, so be careful around it.


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thats extacally what i have been trying to find april when you get ready to harvest may i pls get some will send a sase or whatever needs to be done thank u

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deebie(SC 8a)

Please save some seeds for me too. Thanks.

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hiswife(zone 6)

I love these flowers... my circle is packed with this flower and I love seeing them at night before i go to work. I am around the Dayton Ohio area and if anyone wants some of the seeds at pod time, I'll be happy to share them. holler at me with an address and i'll send you a pods worth of seeds ( which is several hundred seeds)

I have plenty to share. I've already started my second bed of this flower.

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arjo reich - I was wondering if you are still willing to share some of your moon bush seed pods? I would gladly pay you for shipping and the pods. They would look lovely around the bottom of my oak tree on which I have hanging a number of orchids. Still working for that "moon" garden! Thank you

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Hello all, I am new here. I have been looking for the seed from a moonflower BUSH, as someone posted above.
If anyone is still offering some, I'd love some pods, or the seeds. They are so beautiful, and I really miss having them.

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hightider(z8 NC)

have plenty of seeds of moon flowerb also datura (purple people eater )seed aswell next to moon plants they look great about the same size blooms are similar only purple and white ruffledhowever you will proball need to hold till spring and start thats when i put mine out some sometimes winter over but not enough to make a real show email me if you want seeds i do not follow this post i stay on carolina gardening lol

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