White cucumbers

herbgardenerNovember 14, 2009

Have posted in the Vegetable forum but thought I would ask in this forum also.

Has anyone grown mini white cucumbers and if so how did you like them. Read they can be bitter but one seed company said theirs were sweet. Also are the prolific like regular cukes.


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I have grown white cukes and did not like them. they have to be harvested young or they get seedy and on the bitter side. I can't remember what I grew-great white or something like that.

they have not been a good seller for me either.

But maybe you will have better luck

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

I have grown White Wonders, they were ok. This year I grew Dragon's Eggs from Bakers Creek. They were a little white cucumber, about the same size as a large chicken egg. They produced well and had a very crisp bitter free flavor. I had lots of people request them again. I was a little surprised. I will grow them again and hope it wasn't just a fluke. As all cucumbers, if you missed them, they did get big.

I am giving up on Poona Kheern and Suyo Long. They don't sell and the Suyo Longs I didn't like the flavor at all and they weren't very productive.

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Thanks for you answers and sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
Jay, did you find the Dragon's Eggs have alot of seeds?
Also has anyone tried the following:
Boothyby's Blonde
Chrystal Apple
Richmond Green Apple
Tondo Liscio
Carosello Mezzo Lungo
Would appreciate knowing what you thought of them, once again were they prolific and seed wise - alot or a little.
Thanks so much. As you can probably tell, I am trying to plan for next year.

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I myself haven't tried growing the lemon variety, but a friend did and they were delicious! Very good, cucumber flavor, but not at all bitter. And the perfect size for a single serving.

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I grew lemon cucumbers last year and mine were not very prolific. I think out of 6 plants I only got a couple dozen throughout the whole season. I don't remember where I got the seeds, I think they were Ferry Morse. I might try them again this year, but doubt it.

I grew the Mexican Sour gherkins from Baker Creek and they were wonderful and sold well at my market.

Both cukes were grown in the same soil and I saw lots of bees.


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I have grown miniature white and really like the flavor. They seemed to produce as well as the picklers. They were described as a pickling variety in the catalog but are horrible picklers. They shrivel up and get mushy. Good for fresh eating, pick before they start to turn yellow.

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