How do you find good seed germination info?

heleninramseyJuly 31, 2008

I bought this great little bedding annual this spring, out in South Dakota, but I am having a tough time finding info on it. It is Coleostephus myconis, my google skills are usually pretty good, but here I am falling short. I have only found pictures, that is does exist, that there is a cultivar named moonlight and that it is invasive in Brazil. What I would like to know is how to get the seeds to go for next year and how much time it will take and so on. So does anyone know of a good way to track down this kind of information? Or are there seed starting basics that I should just fall back on? Cute as hell plant, want more, would share seeds too...Helen.

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Several synonyms were listed when I googled. Have you tried these? Chrysanthemum multicaule seemed to produce better hits.

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Thanks...I will try that, I applaud your google-a-tude....Helen.

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Helen, This is a little off the subject you started but I have to find out how the garden tour went today. How did you have time to e-mail when your gardens were the highlight of the garden tour? I was so sad that I was unable to go today. How did it go? Your gaRDENS ARE BEAUTIFUL SO i'M SURE EVERYONE LOVED THEM. CHERYL

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Ginkgonut...Thanks, lots of info under that name. I should have thought of that as some of my favorite plants have undergone name changes.

Cheryl...I was wondering where you were. The garden tour was such a joy, I am sure that Helen next door and I were the happiest people there! Everyone was so nice and fun to talk to, we had a ball! We are indebted. You do know where I live...and you are more than welcome to stop by for a personal tour. What good IS a garden that you have no one to share it with?


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Heleninramsey, We (Lisa and I) are waiting for you to visit us. Let's do a morning next week if possible. I think you have Lisa's e-mail. Let us know when you are available to come out. I would love to see your gardens again. Thanks, Cheryl

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