So many free plants this year!

DawnStorm(7/MD)December 30, 2012

Not that I'm complaining! In addition to what I got at the swaps, I have found so many healthy plants that had been put out with the trash. It started this past spring when I passed by a house that had two azaleas sitting alongside the curb. This past summer I finally got a job as a dog walker, and all I can say is that there are many people in Fairfax County who do not know about our plant swaps. Lets see, in one day, I picked up about 6 rose bushes someone had dug up and set out, plus what looks like another azalea. They've all been potted up and are spending the winter in my backyard. Then there are the houseplants that someone left out on an apartment patio. After seeing them just sitting there for about three days, I figured that the tenant had left, so they came home with me. Just this past week, I found a geranium and a tropical hibiscus sitting with someone's trash. Yup, they're in my house now. This in addition to the brug and the corn plant I got from Kimka a few months ago. Both of those are doing fine BTW. What a year though!

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I wish you were my roommate. lol

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