Idea's for Late May and June....

buckster(z8)November 12, 2004

Howdy All,

I sell most of my fruit in late May and June into July. I'm looking for ideas for this time of year. Mainly the late May early June time. I've been thinking about tomatoes but would like other idea's. I want something that's a good seller but has to be able to get by the frost. I grow in So. Cal. zone 8. I do grow some flowers also.

Hey thanks a ton all,


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adrianag(AL z7)

I assume you already have blueberries?

How about salad greens? Cucumbers?

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

You might have to start your tomatoes early, and choose early varieties for May fruit, but it can be done. Beans, if started early, and early varieties chosen again, for the first flush of production, might be good. For later production, there's a variety, Dragons Tongue (flat yellow, purple blotches, purple disappears in cooking), that is one of the best tasting beans going. You might be able to grow peas for the May period - I find that the snow and sugar peas can take more heat then the "English" shelling peas.

As far as flowers go, do you get enough winter cold for peonies? There probably are a bunch more flowers, but not knowing your climate, you might do better to go and ask the cutting forum for advice; they are good about it!

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Hey Dibbit,

Thanks for the info. You and I have pretty similar climate. Also you understand I'm a market gardner too. I've posted this question on other forum's and gotten alot of different responses.

I'm really trying to target this time of year because this is when I get 95% of my customers so I'm trying to FIT things into this time of year. I'm playing around with alot of things and open to all idea's

Thanks a ton,

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