Moonflowers not surviving

lilacs_of_mayJuly 9, 2007

Last year, I transplanted moonflower seedlings to a place by my back porch where they'd have a nice trellis to climb.

They limped along and then eventually died.

This year I transplanted healthy young plants to a spot in front next to a wall and a fence where they'd have something to climb and they'd get morning light.

They did slightly better. One even developed a flower, although I never saw it bloom. Then they dried up and died.

What am I doing wrong? Do they just not like the hot, dry Colorado weather? I've heard that the scent is fantastic, and I'd like to be able to grow these.

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Mine have survived this Tennessee drought we've got going on down here with only being watered every 3-5 days and they're trained against a tree as their trellis for this year.

They're actually doing a lot better than I thought they would because the area is bright shade until about 3:00PM and then they get full sun for three hours and then back to bright shade until sunset a couple hours later.

What about your other conditions, drainage, nutrients, watering, etc.? How much heat emanates off that wall during the day, is it possible that's "baking" them until they finally wither and die off?

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I have moon vines growing and blooming everywhere but the ones in full sun are doing the best. I had 8 blooms on this vine tonight and it is loaded with buds. I have found that they do not transplant well. I start mine in 4" pots and plant when they get about 6" tall. I also am growing some purples this year so I am hopeful for seeds from these. I do not think that heat bothers them as long as they get enough water. I live in Louisiana and we have very hot temps and high humidity and they still grow to amazing sizes here.

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