Giant MoonFlower Vine....Giant Flower!!!! Pics

cattleya17(6b/NY)July 31, 2007

Hey have A very large moonflower vine with hundreds of buds!!! this is the very first flower of the season and it is a full 7 1/2 inches. and i wanted to share it with all of you. a luminous sivery giant the scent is incredible! its warm and fresh and when it gets caught in just the right wind it carries. it opend at around 5:30 so Here It is

So what do you think?? I LOVE IT

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jackiek(z6 NY)

Wow its awsome! What is your secret?

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absolutely, i'd love to know. My moonflowers have all been dying as buds lately.

They'll get to the point where they look as if they're going to bloom tomorrow and then by the next day they're limp and drooping. I water every morning before the sun begins to bake in but I think the 105(F) temps are just drying it out too much...

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Well TLC is the best thing you can give. but whats worked for me is that mine is on my deck underneath the spreading limbs of a large oak tree so when 1 and 2pm in the afternoon rolls around it is shaded. i also fertilize it wirh miracle grow for roses every once and a while. i also gave it alot of support. it is growing on a tall tomato cage and also on the railing of the deck. it also has good air movement you know just the basics for every plant. do you have any shade? i mean there is most likely a large temp difference between nashville and NY. but i still have to water sometimes once in tha A.M and once in the P.M. we have had some pretty opressive heat as well. i hope this helps you both i really do. Have Fun!!!!!!!!!! ;)


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my moonflower vine just started blooming, and aside from the odd fact that they are all blue not white, the blooms also only last a couple days each. also they don't bloom at twighlight, not even by midnight! I only see them as they are closing in the am. they are usually not closed till 11am or noon. is this normal? not that I'm complaining they're great.

also they get a lot of support winding all over my mamouth sunflowers which are like two or three feet taller than me. i thought it's be cool to have both together. my attempt at symbolism in my gardening.

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Could you share a few seeds?

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WOW! Your moon flower is gorgeous!

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Newbie here- never heard of or seen them before- WOW! I'd be ecstatic to own one! Anyone got a few seeds they would care to share with me? I don't have much to offer, but could send some seed envies or a sasbe with extra postage if you'd like!
Kathy S

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can you harvest seeds from moon flower vine.I want to harvest this coming year .thanks Linda

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Is it a good idea to fertilize the moon vine plant with Jobe's fertilizer spikes? The package says its for houseplants and I have moon vines and Daturas in the house. I have them both in the same pot, should I put them in their own separate pot?

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