potato question

jodikayJuly 22, 2012

I finally checked my potatoes to see if anything was growing below ground and when I pulled up 3 plants this is what I got. So I am happy. But, on 2 of the plants the seed potato was still intact and on the 3rd plant nothing. Why is the seed potato still intact? I thought it would have disappeared into the soil by now? 2 of the plants had just the one potato. That was a bit disappointing. I thought I would have multiples on one plant. Can't wait for supper!


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Did you also fork up the area where the plants were? Usually very few ever pull up with the plant. If you haven't done this, you can bet there are still more down there.

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Unless you simply want new potatoes, you pulled them way, way too soon.
Had you waited till they died off, you probably would have had more potatoes and the "seed" would have been long gone.

I had to pull some of mine early due to volunteer squash wreak havoc but they had been in the ground since March.
Even a few of mine still had the mushy remnants of the seed plus the stolon where new potatoes would form were abundant.

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