Moonflower help--buds but no blooms!

emmiemoJuly 22, 2006

Hi All!

I have a mature Moonflower (10ft and still going), potted in a very sunny location. In the last two weeks the buds finally arrived, but I've yet to see the gorgeous spiraling early stage of bloom. I've got buds out the wazoo--dozens and dozens--but not a flower to be seen.

I haven't been fertilizing--which is supposed to be good. Right? Things have been a little soggy here lately, but they've been getting 6+ hours of sun most days.

I've had some experience growing these before (in Illinois), and remember them blooming much earlier in the growing season (beginning at about 4ft high).

Should I be worried? Will they ever bloom? Is there something I'm not doing? Or should start doing? Could it be the cooler evenings, windy, salty beach locale? Am I just the most impatient moonflower lover ever?

Thanks for any advice or help!

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ok...when you say your moonflower is 10 ft tall, are you talking about a Brugmansia? If it is a brug, you do need to fertilize. They are EXTREMELY heavy feeders. The buds on the Brugs take a l-o-n-g time to be ready. They will start out as small regular looking buds, then lengthen, then the tips will start to twirl out, then they'll lengthen some more, and finally open. It can take a month before they go from bud to bloom, maybe longer.

There is a Brugmansia forum, maybe you should check it out. They're experts on those beautiful plants!

Hope this helps,


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